Ok with imperfections on the Tesla Model 3?

“I am OK with a little imperfection. While I want my Tesla to be perfect, I have little interest in driving Tesla out of business by asking them to fix every little imperfection. My Honda Civic always had small imperfections and I never took it to Honda and demanded perfection. These cars are mass-produced and not a hand-made Bentley or Rolls Royce. I understand most of the cost of my M3 was a the best damn battery and electric motor current technology can build. Who is with me?”

imperfections on the Model 3
Wise words quoted by someone comparing a $50-60k car to a $20-30k car

Sure, no one other than $TSLAQ folks have interest in driving Tesla out of business, but why can’t we expect to buy a product properly QAed at $50k+ price?  You’d expect your steak to come out cooked perfectly at $100.  You’d expect your hotel room to be perfectly cleaned at $1000/night.

The cheapest Model 3 is still around $50,000.  That’s more than 2 and half Honda Civics and you are comparing the two?  What does that say about the Model 3’s quality?

No one here is expecting Bentley or Rolls Royce, but we’d expect things to be perfected before release.

Taking a step back, I would like to see proof that Honda Civic having a massive gap, paint, tail light imperfection problem.

Keep in mind, this is only what we non-engineers can see on the outside of the car.