How to Fix the Metal Dragging Sound in your Model 3

Does it sound like your Tesla Model 3 is dragging an imaginary muffler or metal is scraping against the floor?  This is caused by a rock being jammed into the wheel somewhere.  Here’s a fix by a Tesla Technician.

First, the sound you may be experiencing

Metal Scraping Sound

How to fix the Model 3’s metal scraping sound

Tesla Roadside Assistance said they see this all the time and it’s a common issue with the model 3s. They said 95% of the time it is a rock. Their technicians say the way to get it out is to accelerate quickly and break hard and then put it into reverse and back up. It’s almost good as hitting your TV when it’s not working.  They said this almost always kicks the rock loose. If that doesn’t work, then it is something else but that would be rare.