How to get unbanned from Amazon Review

What is Amazon Reviews

When you purchase a product on Amazon, you look for the star rating. That star rating is the average of everybody’s ratings of that product. One of the reasons why Amazon is so successful is because of this rating system. Amazon simply shows search results of products that are popular or has great ratings.

Amazon Ratings
Amazon Ratings

What’s the problem with Amazon Reviews?

Sellers realized that to be able to sell a product, they need to show up in the search results. Research showed customers don’t go down to the next page when shopping for say an USB cable. Sellers were left with no choice but to ask customers to leave positive reviews for them. Essentially writing fake positive reviews for anything regardless of quality.

Sellers started to pay customers to buy their products and leave reviews

There are several Facebook groups and online communities where sellers and buyers can match. Seller asks if the buyer wants a product for free in exchange for a review. Buyer buys the product, writes a review, and receives a refund back for the purchase.

Fake reviews result in real customers buying complete junk that has a mysterious 5 star rating

We all have bumped into this. Glorious reviews only to get a product that half works and you are left wondering if this is how it’s supposed to be or you received a wrong item

Questionable Reviews
Questionable Reviews

How do I get started doing Amazon Reviews?

There are several online Facebook groups or online communities. Facebook groups are the easiest. Just search “Amazon Reviews” and you should find groups where sellers and buyers can match.

How does Amazon Reviews work?

The sellers will typically post photos of all the products they are giving out for free after reviews like the following

Amazon Review Products
Amazon Review Products

Buyers are asked to message the seller with the following

  • The product
  • Your Amazon Profile Screenshot
  • Your paypal email address (where the refund will go)

Once the seller decides you are safe, they will ask you to make the order by searching key terms.

Make the order

Provide the seller your order screenshot and order number

Wait for the order

Wait a few days

Write a review

Wait a few days

Send a screenshot of the review to the seller

Paypal refund will arrive

Paypal Amazon Review Refund
Paypal Amazon Review Refund

How long does it take for a review to post on Amazon?

Buyers tend to panic if they were caught when an Amazon review doesn’t show up for a few days. This depends on the traffic Amazon has and their staff workload. Each review is manually reviewed on suspicious products.

What are the risks to doing Amazon Reviews?

There is almost no risk to doing Amazon Reviews. If the seller decides to not send you a payment as promised, you can just return the product. We recommend doing the entire transaction in less than 30 days for this reason and don’t order items that would be difficult to return (like a bed or sofa).

The worst that will happen is that you get your Amazon review privilege taken away and don’t get to do Amazon reviews anymore.

How to not get caught doing Amazon Reviews for Refunds

I personally have been doing Amazon reviews for over a decade. I was caught on my first account so I have been careful on my new account and here are my tips Here are ways to not get caught doing Amazon Reviews for Payment

  • Never provide sellers direct URL to your Amazon profile
  • Use a separate email for your Amazon email address and Paypal address
  • Never click on the URL the seller sends you on Facebook. Amazon can see where the traffic came from and traffic coming from certain URLs like Facebook will flag you.
  • Avoid products that does not show up on search. For example if you want a mouse that only shows up on page 12 when you search “bluetooth mouse” That’ll set a red flag
  • Click on the suggested search term. For example search “bluetooth wireless mouse” then click or tap the suggested search term. This way Amazon won’t wonder why did this person specifically search for this weird term.
Amazon Review Search Suggestion
Amazon Review Search Suggestion
  • Shop as if you’re really shopping. How do you normally shop? Do you spend a few minutes reading through reviews? Do you add to your cart and buy it in the afternoon? Follow the same pattern. This is important! People tend to buy Amazon review items right away. Amazon can easily see the data on how much time you spent researching.
  • Wait a few days before leaving a review and write as if you really used it. Not just “Great! Highly recommend” but just do speech to text and talk “I wasn’t expecting much for the price and just needed a quick travel mouse, but this ended up being my favorite mouse. It fits my big hands quite well and the scroll has a nice feeling.”
  • Leave reviews for other legitimate purchases. Don’t always leave 5 star.
  • Leave 5 stars for Amazon products. They’ll want to keep you.
  • Never post on Facebook groups or use an alias online. You can be assured Amazon is there watching.

How many Amazon Reviews can I do a week?

Limit how many products you do. It could be hard, but one a month would be a safe number. Think of it as a lifetime of 12 free products per year. I have a nice set of iPhone and other electronics sitting around.

I’ve been banned from Amazon Reviews, how do I get my account back?

So you got a little too comfortable and saw this is haunting message which essentially is saying you were banned from reviewing anymore.

If you were banned from reviewing on Amazon, this is not a permanent decision yet. You can email the community manager with your case or start a new account all together.

Amazon Review Banned
Amazon Review Banned Message

We apologize but Amazon has noticed some unusual reviewing activity on this account. As a result, all reviews submitted by this account have been removed and this account will no longer be able to contribute reviews and other content on Amazon.  If you would like to learn more, please see our community guidelines. To contact us about this decision, please email [email protected].

– Amazon Community Manager

How to appeal Amazon Review Suspension

I personally have had no success, but I’ve read several members in the seller/buyer group that emailed this group insisting that they read through the community guidelines and did not break any rules.

Create a new account to start Amazon Reviews again

We recommend having multiple Amazon accounts that you use periodically just so you can use it in case Amazon Reviews stop working on your primary account.