2 Japanese Men Breaks a Girl’s iPhone When Flirting Doesn’t Work

A video circulated of Ryosuke Ishikawa (石川凌輔) and Atsuhiro Matsumoto (松本篤大) hitting or throwing someone’s iPhone. The person filming claims to be a girl that was heading home from a train station presumably at night in Japan. Two Japanese men, Ryosuke Ishikawa and Atsuhiro Matsumoto of West Park wouldn’t leave her alone so she started to film. That’s when Ryosuke Ishikawa is seen hitting the iPhone out of the victim’s hands. Atsuhiro Matsumoto smiling to pick it up only to throw the phone once again. Japanese netizen quickly went to work on these two.

Ryosuke Ishikawa and Matsumoto
Ryosuke Ishikawa and Matsumoto

The Incident Captured on Video

Incident that occurred

The moment when Ryosuke Ishikawa goes from a pickup artist to a domestic abuser

Before seemed like a nice guy
Once Ryosuke found out about the camera

Damage caused by the two Japanese men

Broken iPhone 12 Pro
Broken iPhone 12 Pro

Twitter went to work to identify Ryosuke Ishikawa

Some have found his Twitter account @Ishitime which seems to be inactive

Ryosuke Ishikawa Twitter Google Image
Ryosuke Ishikawa Twitter Google Image

Ryosuke Ishikawa has a past of lewd act on a minor. Someone found this article where he is caught with a Middle School Girl (14 years old)

Ryosuke Ishikawa Child Molestation

The article states the following

The Kayagasaki police station has accused Ryosuke Ishikawa (25) of violating the Child Welfare Act by committing lewd acts to junior high school girls.

The alleged arrest was from August 22nd to 23rd, 2020 in a hotel room in Yokosuka City.

It is said that a female student in the third year of junior high school who lives in Chigasaki City = then (14) = did a lewd act.

According to the office, the two had no acquaintance and Ryosuke Ishikawa, who saw a girl student’s profile on a dating site, threatened her with “I’ll tell the police” through the site.

He sent a naked photo on his smartphone and called her to the hotel.

The girl student’s father got involved to discover this incident. The girl student was not injured.

Someone found Ryosuke Ishikawa works for West Park

Ryosuke Ishikawa
Ryosuke Ishikawa

His company profile has a little personal detail about Ryosuke Ishikawa

  • Interest – Sake
  • Forward Looking / Bright
  • Looks up to Shohei Ohtani
  • Has father and sister
  • Future – Would like to have a family?

From there, people found the other gentlemen, Atsuhiro Matsumoto also works there

Atsuhiro Matsumoto
  • Interest – Movie, Shopping, Video Games
  • Bright, Straight
  • Good at Basketball
  • Looks up to mother
  • Has mother, brother, sister
  • Future – Wants to have a family

The backlash against West Park Realty

The two work at a real estate agency in Shibuya. West Park Meguro Store (株式会社ウェストパーク  目黒青葉台店) ratings are falling fast on Google Reviews

West Park Meguro Store
West Park Meguro Store
West Park Real Estate Shibuya
The Shibuya chain is also taking some hits

Netizen of Japan Visiting West Park Real Estate Company, but they don’t seem to be available

The citizens of Japan is going for vigilante justice. Hopefully the police will arrest Ishikawa


UPDATE 12/1/2021

Ryosuke Ishikawa stated he is going to turn himself into the police and apologized for the incident.

Hi, this is Ishikawa Ryosuke. The person that’s on the video that went viral. I reflected on myself breaking that girl’s phone. I have just turned myself in to the Shibuya police department. I’m terribly sorry.

– Ishikawa Ryosuke