Took Away My OneKeyCash Balance, What I did to get it back

Just logged into my account in a while and saw that converted my points into OneKeyCash, but the OneKeyCash showed a balance of $0.00. They essentially stole my points and put me in a Virtual Agent loop where I couldn’t talk to anyone. Let me tell you how I was able to get my money back from

In this screenshot, you can see I was able to get my OneKeyCash of $99.78 back into my account.

So I had $99.78 of OneKeyCash, but I logged in today to find that the balance was $0.00.

Apparently OneKeyCash expires in 18 months if you don’t earn or use any of it, but I was well within the 18 months!

It took one phone call and my account was back to the $99.78.

Let me tell you how I did it.

Call at 1-800-246-8357

Give them your information and how much OneKeyCash you are supposed to have.

They will do their magic and your balance will be back to the amount you are supposed to have.

Kind of a shady practice by to set it to $0.0o. But it’s yet another hurdle they are throwing us in this desperate economy.

Good luck and stay safe!