Which Tokyo Hotels with Airport Shuttle to Stay during Covid Quarantine for 2 weeks

Japan requires visitors to quarantine for 2 weeks after arrival. There are a few hotels that Japan provides shuttles to for new immigration arrivals. We compared all the quarantine hotels.

Why use the shuttle service?

If you have a ride or want to hire a “haiya-” for $200, you can go anywhere.

Haneda also provides a shuttle to select cities around the airport such as Kawasaki, Shinagawa, Kamata, etc.

Then there is this Limousine Shuttle service that goes to a Tokyo hotel directly for 1500 yen which is what we are focusing in on.

As part of the border measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the limousine bus operates an “immigrant-only bus” from the airport to the hotel for those entering Japan from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

– Japan Government website
Japan Bus to Quarantine Hotel
Japan Bus to Quarantine Hotel

How much does it cost for a shuttle from Haneda or Narita Airport?

The fare for a private bus is 4,000 yen for adults and 2,000 yen for children from Narita Airport, and 1,500 yen for adults and 750 yen for children from Haneda Airport.

From Narita to Hotel – 4000 yen for adults

From Haneda to Hotel – 1500 yen for adults

Which Tokyo hotels does the covid quarantine shuttle stop by?

The shuttles stop by two cities, Akasaka and Shinjuku.

Here are the comparisons of all the hotels

Map of Tokyo

Akasaka Region

Pricing shown is per night followed by how much it would be to stay there for 2 weeks

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu – $88/$1232

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo – $180/$2520

Hotel New Otani – $250/$3500

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu – $300/$4200

The Okura Tokyo – $330/$4620

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho – $340/$4760

Shinjuku Region

Pricing shown is per night followed by how much it would be to stay there for 2 weeks

Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku – $47/$658

Keio Plaza Hotel – $75/$1050

Shinjuku Washington Hotel – $100/$1400

Hotel Century Southern Tower – $135/$1890

Hilton Tokyo – $175/$2450

Hyatt Regency Tokyo – $182/$2548

Park Hyatt Tokyo – $306/$4284