Details about Japan’s 14-Day Quarantine using the mySOS App Phone Tracker

How many times does Japan check up on you using the MySOS and Cocoa app?

While entering into Japan, I was told by officials that my location will be checked 1-3 times a day and also will video call me randomly. What ends up happening is the following

  • 1st night will be one video call in the afternoon
  • From them on, they will ask you to submit your location 3 times (morning, noon, afternoon) and 1 video call will come around noon time.

Checking-in your location on mySOS app

When you arrive to your quarantine location or new location, you need to tap “Check-in” on your mySOS app. This will let Japan know this is where you will be quarantining. You are free to change your location. They even say in the app that unexpected circumstance may arise and move may need to happen.

What is the Video Call on mySOS app?

These video phone calls come usually at noon. Sometimes 11:30am, sometimes 12:30pm, sometimes 1:15pm. You will get a heads up 3 mins before a video call through the mySOS app. This is a silent 30 sec video call of you just staring at yourself. The idea is for them to have a record of you sitting in your room. I just spin around and make weird faces. I’ve answered in the bathroom too.

Photo by Philip FONG / AFP

What happens when you miss the Video Call on mySOS app

If you miss your mySOS phone call, they will call you back 2 times every minute. After that, they give up and you will be called in the afternoon again. If you miss your lunch time phone call, THEY WILL definitely call you back in the afternoon.

Can you miss the Video call from Japan several times?

I have a family relative that missed almost all of the phone calls and nothing happened.

I can confirm that I missed my lunch video phone call 6 out of the 14 times and nothing happened.

Tap “I’m Here” on mySOS app

This is a notice from mySOS to tap that you are there on your app. This sends your location. I’ve tapped 4 hours late because I was taking a long nap or just missed these a few times and nothing happened.

Can you leave your room during quarantine?

Japan officials will tell you to please stay quarantined, but you are free to buy necessities. Good thing about Japan is that everything is condensed so I had plenty of take-out food choices.

What happens if you leave quarantine zone?

As long as you don’t open your app and tap “I’m Here”, they have no way of knowing, but I was stupid enough to take a walk a little too far and tapped “I’m Here.” I was met with a message on my app saying that I may be in violation of the quarantine promise. That was it.

The two apps. You will only be using mySOS. The other one is there just incase you do get Covid.

My encounters with the Japanese government during the 2 week quarantine

  • Day 0 11:00pm – Tapped “Check-in” to register my location
  • Day 1 5:08pm – Video Call
  • Day 2 8:05am – I’m here
  • Day 2 12:50pm – Video Call
  • Day 2 4:30pm – I’m here
  • Day 3 10:00am – I’m here
  • Day 3 1:10pm – Video Call
  • Day 3 3:15pm – I’m here
  • Saturday
  • Day 4 9:30am – I’m here
  • Day 4 12:10pm – Video Call (missed)
  • Day 4 3:30pm – I’m here
  • Day 4 6:05pm – Video Call
  • Sunday – The checking in was once in the morning and once in the afternoon so I stopped taking notes for “I’m here, check-ins”
  • Day 5 12:50pm – Video Call
  • Day 6 12:16pm – Video Call (missed)
  • Day 6 6:02pm – Video Call
  • Day 7 12:03pm – Video Call (missed)
  • Day 7 6:04pm – Video Call
  • Day 8 11:43am – Video Call (missed)
  • Day 8 5:56pm – Video Call
  • Day 9 11:48am – Video Call
  • Day 10 11:06am – Video Call (missed)
  • Day 10 5:38pm – Video Call
  • Saturday
  • Day 11 11:18am – Video Call
  • Sunday
  • Day 12 10:51am – Video Call (missed)
  • Day 12 5:42pm – Video Call
  • Day 13 10:31am – Video Call
  • Day 14 9:28am – Video Call