American Asian Yelling at Bus Driver in Taiwan

An American asian guy in Taoyuan, Taiwan has missed his bus stop because he did not press the button before the stop.  Jason, the aggressor unleashed his anger at the bus driver.

His pregnant wife, Vivian stood besides him and supported him while he continued.

Is this justified in any situation though?

For those that can’t play this, there is a relatively bigger asian guy in white yelling at the bus driver.  His girlfriend seems to be besides him translating for the bus driver.

It looks like a one way conversation where he says the following

Got a *ing problem?

Let’s do it!

I said, “Say. you’re. sorry.”

The girlfriend standing besides him says something like Why did you miss the stop?  Just say “Sorry”

Asian Bully Yelling in Bus

Say you’re sorry *hole

What? Got a *ing problem let’s go right now bitch

You got a *ing problem?

The older man is trying to calm him down

Go ahead dude

Someone on the bus says in Mandarin I will call the police

The girlfriend says in Mandarin Go ahead

Shut the * up! (at the people on the bus)

Hey, what are you looking at?

*ing piece of *t mother *er

You know this?  You know this? (showing the middle finger)

* you!

All the older folks are trying to calm him down by apologizing to him in mandarin

(he then lunges at the bus driver and stands right in front of him)

Asian Guy Say You're Sorry

*ing.  You got a *ing problem *?!

What’s your *ing problem dude?  I’ll *ing kill you *!

Sit down!  

* you!

* you!

You got a *ing problem.

Just say you’re *ing sorry

*ing *hole

*ing piece of *

An older gentlemen yells saying “Don’t do this again” in mandarin

Shut up!

*ing *hole


Piece of * 0-9-2-F-B *!

Step down, you want to come? Let’s go get it.

Let’s go!


Since then…

Taiwan media has gained the security video from inside the bus and replayed it over and over.

Jason yelling at Bus Driver in Taiwan

The angry american asian man has been identified as Jason and his Facebook status shoes “I need a lawyer!! Please help~~”

Jason claims he had to stand up to protect his wife and his child.

Jason and his wife has tried to file charges against Lin Chun-Kui, the person now famous for uploading the video.

There isn’t a single netizen that is siding with Jason so we don’t need to worry for her.

Lin Chun-Kui
Lin Chun-Kui, the girl who filmed

The bus driver, now identified as Mr Chen states it’s not a big deal and calls it a trivial matter.  Mr Chen does not plan to press any charges despite being threatened for his life.

However, Taoyuan transport company may press charges for threatening and endangering the passengers life.

Taoyuan Bus Driver
Taoyuan Bus Driver that was threatened


Someone has recognized Jason and decided to upload this new footage from March 4th, 2014

Jason is seen complaining about neighbors parking around where he lives.

The secretary-general responds that those spots allow temporary parking.

Jason did not like what he heard so he switched to speaking English to his favorite “F You!”

Jason yelling at secretary-general
Jason yelling at secretary-general


Update : Jason Apologizes to the Bus Driver

American Asian Yelling at Bus Driver in Taiwan
Article Name
American Asian Yelling at Bus Driver in Taiwan
An American asian guy in Taiwan has missed his bus stop and unleashed his anger at the bus driver.