Police Smears Michael Brown as Strong Armed Robber

On August 17th, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has released the name of the officer responsible for Michael Brown’s name but quickly followed it by smearing Michael Brown was a “Strong Armed Robber.”

The statement from the Police Chief

11:51am – There was a 911 call about a strong armed robbery

11:52am – Robbery suspect description was given over radio

12:01pm – Officer Darren Wilson encountered Michael Brown on Canfield Dr.

12:04pm – A second police officer arrived at the scene

These statements are carefully crafted to make listeners think the two incidents are related.

The police department wants the public to think that Michael Brown was involved in a “Strong Armed Robbery” and was shot for it.


Let’s be clear.

Michael Brown was NOT armed

Michael Brown had his arms in the air when he was shot

Police officer did not know Michael Brown was involved in the robbery