New Model 3 Midrange Delivery with Paint Defects

This Tesla Model 3 was delivered on December 10th, 2018.  It’s one of THE NEWEST yet Tesla still is having paint defects!

Front Panel with Paint Touchup or Blob
Paint Defect on Side Door

Received my car on monday the 10th, ordered mid range blue mind you the car was delayed 5 days due to weather. So picked it up from st louis dealership wiith 9 miles on it, that night i dropped it off to get ceramic coating and PPF done car has 22 miles on it. The following day after prepping for paint protectant these two paint defects were found. Called tesla this morning, they drove the car to the autobody shop to get this fixed (car now has 47 miles on it) i am unaware of what they will do to these defects (defects found on quarter panel and door). I am hoping this is not a bondo job or cut out and weld. Any helpful tips? Should i call the autobody shop and ask what is being done to these defects? I just feel like the quality control on this should have been stopped way before transit of vehicle. I now own a “brand new” tesla with 47 miles on it in the autobody shop already with damage to the vehicle. It just doesnt feel new, has anybody felt the same with the paint defects? Or am i just going insane?