How I Replaced My GoPro for Free with the GoPro Subscription

You probably heard about GoPro replacing people’s broken cameras for a new one for free. I couldn’t believe it myself and wanted to report back on how I got a free GoPro Hero 9!

How to become a GoPro Subscriber

I signed up to be a GoPro Subscriber for $49.99 for a whole year. GoPro subscription gives you several benefits like cloud storage, but the one we’re interested is in the 2 GoPro Camera Replacements!

GoPro Subscription
GoPro Subscription Screen

Now, I needed an old GoPro Hero to send in as replacement

I heard and read that GoPro no longer makes older GoPros and they will give you whatever they have which is now GoPro Hero 9 and above.

Which GoPro Hero should I send in for replacement?

ProductTrade-In Fee
HERO10 Black Bones$199
HERO10 Black$99
HERO9 Black$99
HERO8 Black$79
HERO7 Black$79
HERO7 Silver$69
HERO7 White$69
HERO (2018)$69
HERO6 Black$69
HERO5 Black$69
HERO5 Session$69
Karma $129
Karma Grip$69
Go Pro Trade-in Fees

You can see anything between a Hero 5 Black and Hero 7 Silver are all the same price. So go hunting on one of the following

Broken GoPro for $34.99 shipped
Broken GoPro for $34.99 shipped

You can just pick up a broken GoPro Hero 5+ to use for the replacement. GoPro has a “no questions asked” policy for the replacements.

How to contact GoPro Support to get a free GoPro replacement

Go to GoPro’s page. Login and then scroll down to find the “Contact Us” button

Contact GoPro for Replacement
Contact GoPro for Replacement
Contact GoPro
Fill this form out with your serial number

You can opt to do chat or phone call. Do the chat.

What do I say to Gopro customer support to get a free replacement?

I was semi straight forward about just wanting a replacement. I was willing to pay the $69 fee because that’s still a GoPro 9+ for ~$100. Here are the questions/requests asked by the GoPro customer service

  • Where did you buy the gopro camera?
  • What is wrong with it?
  • Did you want to try troubleshooting or just pay $69 to replace?
  • Please upload a photo of the gopro camera with serial number showing
  • Please verify your address

And here were my answers for each

Where did you buy the gopro camera?

I believe I bought it from Amazon a long time ago. Maybe about 5 years ago

What is wrong with the GoPro Camera?

It just won’t power up. I tried plugging it into USB-C and it’s just dead

Did you want to try troubleshooting or just pay $69 to replace?

I opted to troubleshoot, but was just told to reset the camera. No response from the GoPro so we moved onto the $69 replacement option.

Please upload a photo of the gopro camera with serial number showing

I sent 3 photos. Photo showing front, back, and the inside which has the serial number

So how do I get the GoPro replacement for FREE?

GoPro customer service and I agreed on the $69 replacement option, but the GoPro customer service said, let me get approval for your replacement. After 3 minutes, I was told they would waive the replacement cost for one time. I didn’t even ask for it! Not only that, they were out of GoPro Hero 5s so I was given a GoPro 9!

Remember to fill out GoPro’s survey to thank them

My support rep did a great job. Heck, I got a free GoPro 9!

GoPro Survey