HELP! My Microsoft 365 License Key Stolen and Activated by Someone Else

I bought the Microsoft 365 Family 12 Month Subscription on Amazon during Black Friday and today I tried to redeem it. Microsoft tells me the “This product key has already been used. Install from your Microsoft Account

Purchased the Microsoft 365 License Key on Amazon Legitimately

On Black Friday 2021, I bought this license key good for a year.

License Key bought on Amazon in November 2021

Tried to activate in September 2022 and was told This product key has already been used

Someone apparently activated my key in December 2021, but I’m confused as to how that’s possible. My passwords are extremely difficult on Amazon.

Microsoft stating my product key has already been used.

Contacting Microsoft Support

Microsoft told me the key was activated on December 30th, 2021 12:00:00AM. That doesn’t sound right either. How could someone activate a key exactly at 12AM to the second? Even if I tried, I’d probably miss it by a second or two.

Microsoft Support regarding the key

Don’t waste your time being transferred to Level 2 because they’ll just say the exact same thing.

Contact Amazon to get your refund

I contacted Amazon regarding my key being used and I was issued a refund right away. This whole experience has been confusing. Was my account hacked? Was Amazon hacked? Why is Amazon issuing my refund right away without a fuss? Who used my key? Where did she buy it from?

Summary with Microsoft Support

Thanks for contacting Microsoft support today. I am confident that you will achieve more with the productivity of your Office.

Here is the re-cap of the issue we worked on today:

  • You confirmed to have purchased an office product key from amazon 
  • I check and discovered that the key has already been used by another email that you don’t recognize 
  • Kindly note that this key has already been used from the amazon end and you will need to contact amazon to help get you a refund or change the product key for you 
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding

The Customer Support case ID is 123456789. should you need to contact us again regarding this issue, please provide this ID to the next agent.

We value your business and hope to have you as our customer for years to come.

Thank you,
Microsoft Support.