• 2019 Macbook Air

    Macbook Air 128GB vs 256GB : Which should you buy?

    Apple announced their new line of MacBook Airs which is smaller and lighter than the previous predecessor and offers Retina Display for $200 more. Should you buy the Macbook Air 2017 vs 2018? Deal sites like Spoofee.com are offering the new 2017 Macbook Air for $750. Right now, you’re looking at almost at $750 vs $1200. You get the following…

  • iPhone X Photo Compared to iPhone XS
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    iPhone XS Beauty Gate – Automatic Selfie Camera Filter

    Owners of the new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max has been reporting that their selfies have been looking great by praising the new camera. But wait, wasn’t the camera supposed to be similar if not the same as the iPhone X? People have been noticing what looks like a “Beauty filter” automatically applied by the iPhone XS.  There is…

  • Zelle Scam
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    Zelle Scammers Selling Tickets

    Yes, you heard it right. Remember the scammers using phony checks, Paypal, Venmo, Square Cash, peppered bills?  Well, now the scammers are using Zelle.  Zelle is usually attached to bank accounts so buyers feel a little safer, but it’s the same scam. Craigslist and 3rd party ticket selling sites is a great place to buy tickets for cheap at a…

  • Game of Thrones Live Concert Daenerys

    What is Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

    Music is coming from HBO Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience Tour featuring Ramin Djawadi. Hosted on March 29th, 2017 at the San Jose, California SAP Center. This full show shows everything before Season 7. The all-arena tour was announced on August 8, 2016 at an intimate concert in Los Angeles, California. The tour consists of 24 dates in cities…

  • New Apple Headquarters Size

    How much bigger is the Apple’s New Headquarters?

    Previous Campus – 32 Acres Realtors in Cupertino are touting that Apple will continue to use the previous campus and the new campus to maintain the real estate craze in the area. In April 2006, Steve Jobs announced to the city council of Cupertino that Apple had acquired nine contiguous properties to build a second campus, the Apple Campus 2. It…

  • Grace Choi Mink

    What happened to Grace Choi of Mink?

    Remember Grace Choi from TechCrunch Disrupt making our jaws drop by demoing  a 3D Printer that can print makeup?  This idea of anyone being able to print any color makeup with a $300 printer would revolutionize the makeup industry.  We hope she is making great progress on her work, but she has been MIA. Her website gracemink.com‘s twitter / facebook / linkedin links do…

  • Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society
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    Robin Williams Movies Streaming on Netflix

    Robin Williams passed away on Monday at age 63. Here are a few of his great movies to remember him from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and RedBox. Netflix Instant Jumanji Hook The Fisher King The Big Wedding The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Popeye The Birdcage World’s Greatest Dad Amazon Prime Instant Video The Big Wedding Popeye The Birdcage World’s Greated Dad…

  • Deandre Siggers

    The Story of Deandre Gary Siggers

    DeAndre Gary Siggers or D’Andre Siggas or dcigs was once  a famous Youtube celebrity for his “Angry Black Man’ series.  As the years went on, he lost his focus to making “Slogs” where he continued to complain about Youtube not paying him enough.   The Rise of dcigs As mentioned in his video, his fame came in 2009 after his grandma…

  • Finance Dog

    Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

    There are smartest dog breeds in the world that excel in the focus areas that they were trained in. Some dog breeds are not easy to be trained while can be trained to be intelligent breeds ever in the world. You will also be delighted by owning such dogs. Basically, it depends on how a particular dog was bred and…