Tesla Model Y needed more for it to be a success

The announcement of the long awaited Tesla Model Y came and went. How was it?

The design of the Model Y was lazy. It’s literally just a bigger Model 3. If there were just a subtle design difference (newer headlights, slightly more aggressive front, etc), it may have had everyone jumping on the pre-order. This time around, people are just deciding whether they want a compact SUV or a compact sedan. It’s all too similar to when Apple announced the iPhone XS Max. It’s bigger and sure there’s a demand for it, but it was just the same as an iPhone X.

Model Y in White

Those of you who are disappointed by the Model Y’s similarity to the 3 are vastly underestimating one key difference, which is the 3rd row seats. If you don’t have kids, you will probably have difficulty appreciating this. For a lot of families, even those with only 2 kids, the absence of the 3rd row is a deal-breaker that overrules all other selection criteria. One family vehicle can be a 5-seater, but the other has to be able to fit the whole family, plus the occasional addition of Grandma & Grandpa, or for carpooling the other kids on the soccer team. Those 2 little seats just stole billions of dollars in sales from the Toyota Sienna’s and Honda Pilot’s of the world.

In one of the test drives on YouTube tonight, they showed that the entire roof from the front bar in front of the driver to the rear bar where the hatchback opens is a single sheet of glass ie. Over all the passengers one piece of glass. Looked awesome.

The one big glass shown on Tesla’s Page

Honestly, not sure what people were expecting out of the Y. It’s a hatch, looks great, has room for an optional third row, and a cargo king with middle row folded down. I’ll give my honest opinion after going for a drive in a bit but right now I’d gladly swap my 3 for it.