Why did Odacchi from Love is Blind Japan change towards Nanako?

Odacchi is a nightmare for any partner. Odacchi started off saying he wanted a relationship with good communication and stole a speech straight from “Attack on Titan” saying he cares about his family with epic music and tears. On top of this, Odachi is very good to his fellow men. Funny. Outgoing. A relatively young guy in touch with his emotions. However, once engaged, he gave absolutely zero effort. Clearly stated he wants a relationship where everything feels ok without putting in effort to the interview. What’s crazy is he still switched back to the fun and loving guy in front of everyone else once confronted about it, he played victim saying nanako should’ve spoke up sooner about it and made a decision in a short time. Odachi is the scariest guy in the show.

Odacchi before and after seeing what Nanako looks like

Netflix director hinted what each person’s motive was at the beginning

Odaccii clearly stated in the very first episode that girls are “100% about looks”

Odaccii stating love is 100% about looks

When Odacci first spoke with Nanako, he said she had a strange voice and didn’t seem like anything clicked. However in the 2nd meet, Nanako had stated she’s been thinking about Odacci. Odacci jumped on this chance.

Odaccii is a comedian. He’ll say anything to keep people around him happy

Odacci had a beautiful proposal and meet. He embraced Nanako and stated she’s 1000x cuter than expected. He embraces his comrades and always trying to be the bright sun.

He simply masking. That’s what happened. He was always the insecure computer nerd. The funny nice guy. In the pods He could be whomever he wanted, and he used that power all the time. But once out of the pod his insecurities projected out. He rejected himself before she could and stopped masking.

Did you guys noticed how much he looked up to the 50 year old? Called him old man. Celebrated his marriage. Broed out with the guys more than focusing on the girls?

He was there to have fun. Not to get married. But still hung on to the hope of maybe someone will love him for who he is, because he doesn’t.

He gives me Danielle vibes from lib us.

Odacchi LIB
Odacchi starting to think this isn’t fun

Odacchi was only in Love is Blind for clout

Odacchi is on Love is Blind for fame and clout. The fact that people are actually eating up his tears (other than his story about his father in the pods) boggle the mind.

I was rolling my eyes the entire time he was explaining himself to Nanako because talking to someone or greeting someone, and especially someone you just proposed to, is very much basic communication skills & politeness, especially in a culture like Japan that places a lot of importance on that.

I loathed that he placed the blame on Nanako for not expressing her displeasure immediately because he can’t be bothered to…greet his fucking partner? I mean, what????

I try to keep an open mind watching this show because there must be a lot that isn’t shown on the final edit, and certain things are bound to get lost in translation. But his mannerisms in the pods didn’t feel genuine, and Odacchi’s tearful “explanation” did not make any sense to me as a response. My husband actually said “oh fuck off” when he immediately turned it around on her after she confronted him and I felt the same!! Him making little to no effort to talk to her or even greet her in person makes me think that his pod persona was a mask.

Odaccii blames Nanako for giving up on the relationship so quickly

Odaccii gave Nanako the silent treatment since day 1 of engagement. Nanako even cried during the friends gathering to which Odaccii looked away because he knew. Yet, when Nanako brought up that this relationship isn’t right, Odaccii stated she should’ve spoken up sooner. Psycopath

“You should’ve told me sooner” was a big NO for me. Him playing victim really pissed me off.

I hate that he cried in that scene too. She should have told you? How about some self-awareness, man.

Where Are Odacchi and Nanako From Love is Blind: Japan Now?
Odaccii stating “You decided in a few days that this isn’t working”

Was Odaccii just experiencing what many comedians experience?

This is super common with comedians. Had it happen myself – met a guy who was hilarious, funniest person I’ve ever met in real life (still to this day). His humor was so charming that we started dating. In public spaces he was a star that lights up the room.

Once dating, it was a really boring relationship. Lacked wit, lacked idea-sharing. He dealt with alcohol abuse, and perhaps mild depression/deep personal insecurity, and he didn’t want to talk about either of those until I would force the issue. I only forced the issue when the effects were bothering him, causing him consequences he didn’t want – that was too tolerant of me.

I don’t recall him ever telling a single funny joke while in private (and yet, I still remember his hilarious public comments, specific jokes, a decade later).

We would try to spend our personal time with friends, just so I could see glimpses of his performance sense of self again, but even that wouldn’t transfer over: there was no private encore. Washing dishes and doing the basics wasn’t remotely funny like you’d expect it to be. It was instead draining silence, not talking about feelings.

I know someone who dated Jim Carrey (friend’s mom dated him), and it was similar – he slept all the time that summer, wasn’t funny. There’s no denying he isn’t a top-notch comedic actor, but the outward performance of funny can come with a different private life. Comedy is built as a coping mechanism.