Are Wataru and Midori from Love is Blind Japan still together? Are they married or divorced?

Wataru “Watts” Mizote and Midori Yasui had a beautiful engagement and marriage on Netflix’s show Love is Blind Japan. Wataru is a 38 year old executive at LIVIT and Midori is a 30 year old consultant at B8ta. Midori fell in love with Wataru’s personality and voice, but seemed to retreat as she discovered Wataru wasn’t her type physically. This dragged on throughout the show even until the end when Midori gave a strange vow before accepting the marriage on Netflix.

Midori and Wataru in a nutshell

I rooted for Midori from the very beginning, especially the way she spoke and carried herself. She is a confident and ambitious woman whom I came to admire greatly. It may be an unpopular opinion, but even after knowing Wataru may be more interested in Priya, she took it in stride and even created a presentation to make something as complicated as feelings make sense, and I thought that was one of the best moments in the show. Wataru seemed to share the same opinion since that was what made him fully decide to choose her.

As for Wataru, need I say more? He is an executive so I expected he would be a confident and decisive man. The “know what I want” type of person. I was not disappointed. Though there were several instances in the pods where he was stuck at the crossroads, the way he handled the two women who were interested in him was very telling of his character. He considered and acknowledged their feelings, and that was just absolutely admirable. My most favorite part of the show was his constant determination to do his best for Midori, and the best moment in my opinion was him deciding to propose in real life.

Even outside the pods, Midori and Wataru’s connection seemed more and more natural. I loved how they just fell perfectly into each other’s lives like puzzle pieces. When Midori introduced Wataru to her friends, Wataru fit in so well and was so charming. At the same time, I felt so moved when Midori’s friends were grilling them both, and she did not hesitate to step in defense of their relationship in saying that as long as they communicated, things would be fine.

Also, they have the same sense of humor, and the same appreciation for candor. That laid a very good foundation for them to attain a deeper connection.

Needless to say, I cried so much at their wedding. I know that they can and will bring out the best in each other from here on out. I am always rooting for their success. This was a phenomenal season.

Ryotaro and Motomi was a dream couple, but Midori and Wataru were a realistic couple

Even though Motomi and Ryotaro were the cutest (kawaii) couple on the show, Midori and Wataru are the two whose relationship was the most relatable and compelling. Midori had her annoying moments but the questions she raised were honest and legitimate (for the most part). As for Wataru: he seemed like a standup kind of guy in the pods but he really flourished when they exited the pods, went on vacation and began living together. What a catch! I think the words Midori spoke to Wataru at their ceremony really summed up nicely the evolution of their relationship: she couldn’t imagine not having Wataru with her tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This is as good as reason as any to continue the experiment begun on the show!

The producers really lucked out that they had these two couples to serve as the foundation for their excellent first season.

Are Midori and Wataru still married?

Yes. Midori and Wataru are still together and they plan to file their marriage on Midori’s birthday in March of 2022. Midori and Wataru currently live together with Midori’s dog, Lupan. Here is an excerpt from Midori’s IG

Thank you for watching Love is Blind Japan on Netflix!
I have received many comments and DMs “Are you still with Wataru!?”. The answer is YES!
We will be getting the marriage certificate on my birthday in March.
If I didn’t participate in this show, I would have missed any chance of getting married for my life.😂
I want to thank my family, friends, cast members, and production team for all the support throughout this journey.
Without their support, I wouldn’t have made it to the end.
I will share our stories during and after the show more in detail via future Instagram posts!
✅We will be hosting Insta Live on Wednesday 9pm(JST) – I might be doing another one that fits better for US time on Sunday. So stay tuned ☺️
One last thing I want to say here.
I sincerely love Wataru san inside and out. 🙏💕🤞

Midori and Wataru hold a Q&A over Instagram Live

Instagram Live by Midori and Wataru on March 2nd, 2022

Midori and Wataru after the Love Is Blind Japan Netflix Show

Midori and Wataru 3 months after the show said they still have not finalized their marriage. The couple still has not turned in their marriage certificate, but they said it was due to the Netflix contract. They couldn’t let people know the ending of the show.

So people started to dig around Midori and Wataru’s instagram.

Someone photoshopped Wataru in Midori’s photo

Midori holding out on us

Midori told her followers on Instagram that she will post follow up on the status, but we still await. Meanwhile she has advertised her sponsors so Midori is making the most out of her explosion in publicity.