How to Be Productive While You Can’t Sleep

So, I’ve been driving as a food delivery carrier when I can’t sleep. This is great in that

  • It makes me tired from driving / walking around apartment complexes. Really! It beats lying in bed for 2-3 hours waiting to knock out.
  • Road is nice and quiet at night
  • I am earning money (about ~$20/hour) instead of lying in bed.
  • I don’t have to interact with anyone. Just picking up food and dropping it off
  • I can start and stop when I want! I can stop when I’m really tired. I usually just get home, lie down and I’m knocked out for 7 hours.

DoorDash – This one is best because you can pick the tasks you want to do. So I’d usually pick the ones that go near my home when I’m feeling sleepy. Downside is it’ll be 3-4 days before you are actually starting

UberEats – Everything is blind, but this one, you can literally get started in 2 hours. Yep.. from the time you apply to doing your first job… 1-2 hours.

Good luck everyone!