How to get a Free Complimentary Upgrade at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood isn’t going to be your upscale hotel, but it offers great value for the younger crowd.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Vista Resort Room
Planet Hollywood Ultra Vista Resort Room free upgraded

Location.  They’re located right in the middle of the strip

You can walk across the street to the Cosmo
see the Bellagio fountain,
walk to CVS or Walgreens to stock up on supplies
You won’t need a car. You can explore one side of the strip one day and the other side the next.

Planet Hollywood Strip Location
Planet Hollywood Strip Location

Plenty of places to eat like Earl of Sandwich, Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr, and Taco Bell Cantina which is apparently a fancy Taco Bell that serves alcohol And if you forget anything, The Miracle Mile Shops with 170 stores is attached to this hotel.

Planet Hollywood was featured in movies like What Happens in Vegas, 21, and a few Youtubers did a flashmob here once.

The first thing you notice when you enter Planet Hollywood is how lively it is.
The crowd around the tables, Live music, and the pleasure pit.

Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pit
Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pit

The remodeled ultra resort vista room felt very modern and it was a pleasure eating in the room with a view.

Comfortable bed with 4 pillows
Good water pressure to start your day
LED mirrors that make you look pretty
Free coffee
A mini fridge for us to use
Contemporary tub

Planet Hollywood Tub
Planet Hollywood Tub

Two USB ports on both sides of the bed
Plenty of power outlets everywhere
The shower walls, the carpet, the lamp, the clock.. everything just felt.. Well.. Ultra hip

The room is very similar to the ultra hip room other than the extra 100sqft, the wall being curved and you get your tub right next to the window.

The resort vista rooms are also located at the end of the hall so you won’t hear people walking by

It’s really a good hotel, but here are some things that may help you.
– The curtains in my room didn’t quite blockout all the light so you may want to bring an eye mask.

Planet Hollywood Curtains
Planet Hollywood Curtains

– Self parking is free, but you have to walk through the Miracle Mile shops to get to your hotel
so you should use valet But I’ve read valet is full here often so PH may not be the best choice if you need to go to your car a lot.

Planet Hollywood Parking
Planet Hollywood Parking

– Uber and Lyft stops are a 3 min walk from the hotel registration desk.

Planet Hollywood Uber Lyft Rideshare Stop
Planet Hollywood Uber Lyft Rideshare Stop

– No security at the elevators like some other higher end hotels so anyone can walk through the hallway.  Make sure to use your deadbolt and your safe.
– There were a little wear and tear you wouldn’t see in a higher end hotel.
– The internet here was unreliable.  I kept getting pushed out to the login page and was being charged every time I logged back in.  One phone call to the front desk fixed the extra charges.
– The pool wasn’t impressive compared to other pools on the strip, but they have a flowrider pool where you can try surfing.  The price changes daily, but it’s around $25 for 30 mins of use.

Planet Hollywood Surfing Pool
Planet Hollywood Surfing Pool

Planet Hollywood is not known for their buffet or their shows or their nightclubs, but you are in the heart of Las Vegas.

You are right across the street from the well known attractions and restaurants.

To finish your day, you can come back to a lively environment to gamble and a modern room to rest in for a reasonable price.

If you’re in Las Vegas to have fun on the strip on a budget, Planet Hollywood is a great choice 🙂