Tesla Touchscreen Broken after New Update

Anyone have issues with their screen after updating to 2018.48?
Mine completely stopped working and any reset doesn’t cure it.

Mine only shows colored lines and it’s starting to become an annoyance since i can’t change radio station or see backup camera, no MPH, etc.
Soonest service appointment is over a month away and Tesla on the phone said sorry that’s the best we can do.

Anyone have any tips to try to cure this? Crazy I have to drive this thing this way for over a month not knowing my speeds.

More Glitches
This one literally looks like Matrix entered Hell

The touchscreen displays and controls almost everything in the car.  The speed you’re traveling, changing the temperature, enabling the happy Santa mode, etc.

The lack of QA and the push to get these out to the customers asap is now coming to bite Tesla’s Service Centers.  Yesterday, there was an owner that tried to get paint issues fixed and was told he’s #319 on the waiting list for paint issues.


It used to be that Tesla stopped providing a Tesla as a loaner.  Now, Tesla is asking people to just hold onto their cars until they can work on their cars.

Why are some Tesla’s having problems and some are not?

Some buyers are just picky with the panel gaps or paint imperfections, but it’s fact that some Teslas just stopped operating with an error message to go the nearest service center and there’s seriously something wrong with quality control over at Tesla.

Yesterday’s 60-minute special could explain why this is happening

In this video, Elon Musk explains they had to open an extension, a 3rd assembly line in the parking lot using humans instead of the robots.  Elon states that the robots break down at times.

So the question is if the robots are breaking down and the Model 3s are being pushed out with flaws OR the humans (which will make mistakes) causing the issue.

Issues caused by either 

  • Assembly Line #1 – Robots (breaking down?)
  • Assembly Line #2 – Robots (breaking down?)
  • Assembly Line #3 – Made quickly to help with production.  A tent in the parking lot.  Run by humans

You’re taking a roll when you buy one at this point.

Luckily Tesla and their customers are both willing to help to make it work… for now.

Interesting that Tesla’s autopilot’s whole point is that a machine or AI can handle driving better than humans, but here he is saying humans are underrated.