Chinese Girls Physically Fighting Police Officers in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

In the early morning of July 17 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, an incident occurred in which a Chinese woman punched and kicked a Japanese police officer.

Video of Chinese Girls Fighting Japanese Police

What are they saying in Japanese?

The girls can be heard saying
Nani Suru no!? – What are you doing!?

Police are saying in response
Yamero! – Stop it!

Girl at one point yells
“Chugokujin dakara?!” – Because Chinese?!

And police responds
“Kankei Naiyo!” – Nothing to do with

What happened? Why are the girls angry?

A Japanese girl was on the ground sick and a Japanese guy was trying to help her.

This group of Chinese girls had apparently thought the Japanese man was assaulting the ill girl and began attacking the Japanese man. Punched him in the face and called him “Fn J*p” “F U”, etc.

The Japanese man, in response called the police and until their arrival, began recording to gather proof just in case.

And after the police arrived this fight is said to have occurred.

Another person who was recording the group of Chinese girls was possibly also attacked before the arrival of the police.

It is unknown if these Chinese girls were arrested, but currently there is a general sense of anger for how the police reacted to this situation, as in Japan it is illegal to prevent public servants from doing their job (公務執行妨害) and, attacking a cop is doing just that.
A lot of people are also mad at how the Chinese girls might have not been arrested, and that it is unfair for foreigners to be treated like they don’t have to follow the law (although this is a more radical way to see things).

Source of description from nearby viewer

Who are the girls?

Chinese Girl Fighting Japanese Police
Chinese Girl Fighting Japanese Police
Chinese Girl Fighting Japanese Police


The girls from China seems to have defended the girl that may or was going to be assaulted. However, it’s not a good look for them to yell at and assault the police officers.