William Beasley SF SOMA Residences Apartment Stopping Tailgater Florida Racist?

A video emerged by Michael Barajas from San Francisco, CA. It shows a car refusing to let another car into the SOMA Residences Apartment garage.

San Francisco Tailgating Incident

What happened at the San Francisco Apartment?

  1. Latino man’s car followed William Beasley’s car into the apartment
  2. William Beasley wouldn’t let the latino man into the apartment garage because he was tailgating in. William calls him a criminal and have no right to enter
  3. Latino man’s friend gets out of the car to hit William’s Mazda
  4. William comes out of the car where a scuffle occurs
  5. Security arrived, William’s girlfriend tried to pay them off to avoid battery charges.

Security eventually arrived and the man still insisted I leave. The girlfriend tried to pay us to not call the cops and not press battery charges. Police arrived and I have filed a report along with my neighbor. I had to move parking spots as he threatened to shoot us both. This is NOT ok and this goes to show you that racism is well and alive in SF. The gf claimed that “we don’t see color”

What happened to William Beasley?

The internet / social media quickly went to work on William Beasley. He has lost his job and it seems like he is already on his way back to Florida.

Pro William Beasley’s Case

William’s a good samaritan just following the apartment rules and looking out for the apartment’s safety by stopping a tailgater. He had to fight off someone that was hitting / vandalizing his car

Anti William Beasley’s Case

William was being racist. William assumed the tailgater was a criminal due to the way he appeared. Also assumed someone that looked latino could not afford the apartment saying “You don’t have the right” to go to his apartment.

Both sides can agree, William could have handled it better

Things would have been different if William had approached the gentlemen and treated them with respect. “Sorry gentlemen, I saw you tailgate me in, but I just want to keep this place safe for everyone, can I just see your key fob? Thank you, appreciate it” Certainly a learning lesson for this young couple.

Was this justified?

Is William a racist or was just doing what he would’ve done to anyone that was tailgating into the apartment?

Please tell us in the comments!


One Reply to “William Beasley SF SOMA Residences Apartment Stopping Tailgater Florida Racist?”

  1. Mr Beasley seemed as though he was looking for a confrontation to impress his girlfriend. If he thought the driver behind him was doing so for criminal reasons, then he should have reported this to security and left them to handle it.
    Just supposing Mr Barajas had been a violent criminal ? It could have ended in a completely different way

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