Best Comments about Game of Thrones Final Season #gameofthronesmemes

Here are some of the best comments regarding GOT, Game of Thrones Season 8!

Night King: I will destroy the world!!
Daenarys: Hold my starbucks coffee

Daenarys : The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I dismiss you

Tyrion: They’re ringing the bells, they’re surrendering!
Danerys: * Read *

Anyone else noticed that once Danaerys went mad Queen, they didn’t show her perspective during the carnage not even once?

Oh Cool, The Golden Company. Aaand they’re gone!!
No Bells Peace Prize

Parents that named their kid after the mother of dragons…

Sansa : Tyrion, Jon is a Targaryen
Jon : Sansa, you’re still talking with me
Euron finding out that he isn’t the father
Olenna : How do you intend on taking the Iron Throne? By asking nicely?
Tyrion : *Asks Nicely*
If you ever feel useless, just remember these guys