Sandrella Zadikian Trader Joe’s Karen Not Wearing a Mask Yelling “I have a breathing problem!” in Los Angeles, CA

On opening day at Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood, California, Sandrella Zadikian (43) or Cinderella Zazikian came with a blue bebe shirt. She wore a mask to enter the store, but took off her mask and wondered around the store waiting for someone to say something to her.

Witness and bystanders said she was looking for drama.

Trader Joe’s Karen

I went to TJs for the first time since February because today was opening day for the new Noho West location, and I got a bunch of my old favorites, and it was nice to be in the vibe they cultivate again. Dude outside sanitizing baskets, limits on people coming in, masks required, social distance markers galor, etc. It was a very stress free and pleasant experience.

Until the woman who showed up to make a scene put her plan in action. I was at the cash register when the shit went down.

She took her mask off after she entered the store, and walked around with a basket but not putting anything into it. Instead she was roaming the aisles and getting up in people’s faces, getting as close as possible, waiting for someone to inevitably tell her to put her mask back on. And when a dude finally did – which didn’t take long I’m guessing, because she was being super aggressive – she lost it.

A manager was already on her way over to her because it was obvious what was going on, and asked her to leave (I recoginized the manager from one of the other Valley locations, and she demonstrated a level of professional patience and calm in attempting to de-escalate that was award-worthy).

The predictable screaming rant ensued; this man harassed me about wearing a mask and you’re asking ME to leave; this is a violation of my civil rights {cites the statue the QAnon lunatics think means something it doesn’t} violation of my 1st amendment rights {hahahaha, no it isn’t but thanks for playing}; I have a medical condition {oh really? Because you were wearing a mask outside for 30 minutes in the heat waiting on line to get in}; etc.”

That’s when she started swinging her (still empty) basket around and throwing it and kicking it. Then she screamed at the top of her lungs to everybody in the store that “You’re all brainwashed sheep and democrat party pigs you worthless unamerican Fs”

And that’s how my Friday at 5:30pm went. The new TJs is lovely, the people working there today are lovely, and all but one of the people shopping there today were lovely.


Your friendly neighborhood Brainwashed Sheep, Democrat Party Pig, And Unamerican Person

– Witness
trader joe's karen
Trader Joe’s Karen Sandrella Zadikian

California has required everyone to wear masks in public areas

It’s not up for anyone at the store or regular citizens to discuss whether wearing a mask violates your rights or why it works to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Karen claiming she has breathing problems

Sandrella Zadikian claims she has breathing problems, but she did wait in the sun for 30 minutes to get in while wearing a mask and she seems to have no issues yelling at the top of her lungs. Possibly using Instacart to get through the pandemic may be a solution for her

Some people have pointed out that Sandrella Zadikian standing next to the banana signs suits her

Trader Joe's Karen standing next to banana sign
Sandrella Zadikian standing next to the banana sign

Wearing a mask will not reduce your oxygen levels

Sandrella Zadikian is out there, it can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop, BUT here is a nurse/doctor showing that oxygen levels in your body does not change with a facial mask

Oxygen level does not change with mask
Oxygen level does not change with mask

Who is the Identity of Sandrella Zadikian, Trader Joe’s Karen?

#SandrellaZadikian started to trend on social media and since then. Sandrella Zadikian has deleted her Instagram and changed her Facebook profile name to Ella Yan.

Trader Joe's Karen Sandrella Zadikan's Facebook Page as Ella Yan
Sandrella Zadikian posing as Ella Yan a Licensed Esthetician
Sandrella Zadikian's Instagram
Sandrella Zadikian Instagram

Dr Laser’s Esthetician

She was quickly found to be a licensed esthetician at dr Laser.

DrLaser in Sherman Oaks #TraderJoesKaren
dr Laser Yelp Page
dr Laser Yelp Page
Sandrella Zadikian Trader Joe's Karen Los Angeles public meltdown ...
Sandrella Trader Joe’s Karen’s Profile Photo

Dr. Laser is already getting backlash on their Yelp page

Read Annie R.‘s review of dr LASER on Yelp Read Ellen W.‘s review of dr LASER on Yelp Read Mo B.‘s review of dr LASER on Yelp


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