Anti-Asian Racist Karen in Cupertino Attacks at Beard Papa – Cindy Ann Parker

Racist Cindy Ann Parker attacks

April 20th, 2021 – A Karen in scrubs is filmed on camera acting like a 5 year old child. This woman, who has been identified as Cindy Ann Parker, grew a little too impatient and extra hangry today as she was waiting in line for some Beard Papas, a store that sells cream puffs which originated from Japan.

After the confrontation, she proudly drove off in her silver Japanese automobile while doing a trigger finger pulling gun move towards the group of Asian friends.

Cindy Parker driving away in her Honda

👉 From user @rachelkrisx: On April 20, 2021, my friends and I were waiting in line at Bearded Papas in Cupertino, CA.

Unfortunately, on this day, it appears that they were understaffed and the wait was longer then anticipated. While patiently waiting, we hear murmuring in the background, then the lady behind us yells out “hurry the fuck up!” As we turned around in disbelief and attempted to explain to the lady that there was only one person working, she began hurling an onslaught of racial epithets and telling us to “go back to your country!”, and pulling her eyes back in a manner meant to insult slanted Asian eyes. That’s a little much for some desserts wouldn’t you say? As we confronted this nurse (an assumption solely based on her scrubs), she swung and assaulted my friend. At this point, the line of civility has been crossed. This racist & her hate-filled heart must be ousted and removed from our society. She should hold no position rendering care, and have zero patients in her custody. Please share this video. Also If anyone recognizes this lady, please let us know! She seems thoroughly proud of her actions and even pretended to shoot at us as we recorded her driving off!

The internet quickly went to work and found out who she was

Cindy Ann Parker driving off in her Honda Accord 7ZLF201
Cindy Ann Parker
Cindy Ann Parker a Medical Assistant at Quest Diagnostics

Why do people continue to ruin their lives?

You can’t behave horribly in public because no one knows who you are. People have cameras everywhere now. Please act responsibly

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People have even dug out where she works

Quest Diagnostics has yet to comment

Quest Diagnostics has yet to reply! They just keep copying and pasting the same reply to everyone

Quest Diagnostic’s Reply

Quest Diagnostics upper management should be having a Zoom meeting around this time.

Should someone lose their job over acting like a child outside of work? She is wearing her work outfit (in health care) outside. Why is this even allowed?

—- Update April 22nd, 2021 —-

Quest Diagnostics has been contacted by several netizens. Their Yelp page of the Quest Diagnostics office Cindy Ann Parker works is under attack.

—- UPDATE April 27th, 2021 —-

Cindy Ann Parker is no longer working at Quest Diagnostics

@QuestDX / Quest Diagnostics has responded

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us. This individual no longer works at Quest Diagnostics.


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