Why do Japanese people hate Kei Komuro?

You may have heard Mako Akishino from the royal family in Japan has married a commoner name Kei Komuro. Why is there such a backlash against Kei Komuro for being a commoner. Why won’t the media or the citizens of Japan leave them alone? We’ll break it down here for you.

Why people do not like Kei Komuro in a nutshell

Kei Komuro is a gold digger with a past.

Just like his mother, he’s only using Mako’s money to live a lavish life.

He has lied his way into his marriage with Mako Akishino and now planning to live a comfortable life in Manhattan on tax payer’s money.

But Mako rejected the Royal Family payout, right?

Yes, Mako rejected on receiving the royal family payout. However every coverage of them still shows that they are using tax money. Even the latest video of them arriving at the JFK airport shows that they have Japanese security and Japanese transportation. Can a $60-100k salary afford private security? Who pays for their home in Manhattan?

The traditions of the Japanese Royal Family

Many conservative Japanese families believe the Royal Family members can only marry someone just as high in position. Maybe someone respected and famous or has a successful business. It usually must be someone that is respected by the public.

Royal Family Sisters Mako and Kako
Royal Family Sisters Mako and Kako

Kei Komuro’s mother’s finances are questionable

Kei Komuro’s mother had a fiance that has helped finance Kei’s college and upbringing. They ended up not marrying and there is a dispute on whether the ~$40,000 or so was a gift or a loan.

Kei Komuro’s mother has even asked the royal family to help pay back the loan to make this problem go away.

This set the image that Kei’s mother uses men for her financial needs, in other words a gold digger.

Kei Komuro's Mother
Kei Komuro’s Mother and Kei Walk

Kei Komuro’s Party Past

People asked how he felt was ok to flirt with someone from the Royal Family in college. Several photos of his past has come up to highlight what kind of person he was which didn’t help his case.

Kei Komuro partying
Kei Komuro partying

The most damning is the bottom left of him doing a hand sign for cunnilingus.

Kei Komuro lied about his awards and achievements

As mentioned in this article, Kei Komuro stated he wont the “JFK Profile in Courage Award” but when asked for details, he had it removed from his company profile

Kei Komuro did not pass the bar exam

People wondered why his marriage with Mako was all in a sudden. As soon as his marriage was official, the list of New York State Bar Exam Results were released. Kei Komuro’s name was no where to be seen.

90% of Fordham University Graduates pass this exam.

Did he even take the exam?

Kei Komuro stated that he will be taking it in February 2021.

Kei Komuro claims to have won many awards. Seemed like a genius until this started to show cracks in the image he built.

Kei Komuro’s Name is missing from Fordham University’s Graduates List

Fordham University’s list of graduates list is missing Kei Komuro. Did he even graduate?

Kei Komuro had plastic surgery during the 3 years he was in the US

Some people want to give Kei Komuro a pass saying the bar exam is not easy. Maybe he didn’t have enough time, but it seems like he had time for at least one or more plastic surgeries.

Kei Komuro had double jaw surgery

Kei Komuro had double eyelid surgery?

This tweet accuses him of modifying his ear, but his eyes look look different.

He just has that George Clooney look where we can’t quite tell what’s different but he looks different.

Kei Komuro Before Photo

Young Kei Komuro

Kei Komuro Today

What changed?

No! Please don’t compare Kei Komuro to Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle was a hard working actress that was more than wealthy and successful before meeting Prince Harry.

Kei Komuro is coming into the family with a debt.

Kei Komuro / Mako Komuro avoids any sort of questioning from the public

Anytime a public speech is made, it’s highly controlled. Questions are selected or will only be answered later. What does he have to hide? Apparently everything.


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