Where does Kei and Mako Komuro live in New York?

Kei Komuro and Mako Komuro has arrived in New York and quickly went back to their apartment.

Where is Kei and Mako’s New York Apartment?

They live in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan New York. According to New York Post, they are settling in in a 1bedroom apartment at

Five Two Five
525 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

How much is Kei and Mako’s New York Apartment?

If Kei and Mako are really living in a 1 bedroom apartment, the cost is probably around $4500-5000/month.

Kei and Mako's New York Apartment
Kei and Mako’s New York Apartment Price

How does Mako and Kei afford such an apartment?

Kei Komuro is an assistant to a law clerk that is probably earnings around $60,000.

Assuming Mako Komuro continues to earn the same $80,000 like when she did when she was in Japan, that’s a total of $140,000 household income.

  • $140,000 Household Income
  • Losing 40% to income tax leaves them only $84,000
  • $60,000 for RENT ALONE – $5000/month apartment
  • Leaves $24,000 of savings
  • Two people cannot live in Manhattan with that kind of savings


  • 140,000ドルの世帯収入
  • 所得税で40%を失うと、わずか84,000ドルになります
  • 家賃だけで60,000ドル (月額5000ドルのアパート)
  • 24,000ドルの節約を残します
  • 二人はそのような貯蓄でマンハッタンに住むことはできません

What kind of apartment is Mako and Kei Komuro living in New York?

1bdrm in their apartment


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