Kei Komuro thinks he’s Darth Vader

Kei Komuro is the husband of Japan’s ex-princess Mako Komuro. People have noticed Kei Komuro likes the character, Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Kei Komuro wearing a Levi’s Darth Vader shirt

Kei Komuro leaving Japan was a highly publicized event and there’s no mistake in what he was wearing. Kei Komuro purposely wore his sweater in a way to show Darth Vader.

Kei Komuro Leaving Japan
Kei Komuro Leaving Japan
Darth Vader T-Shirt for Men by Levi's – Star Wars | shopDisney
Darth Vader Shirt worn by Kei Komuro

Kei Komuro wears a Darth Vader shoe designed by Vans

Kei Komuro and Mako Komuro made their first appearance. They dressed down under the criticism of Japanese tax payers, but Kei couldn’t stop himself from showing off his Darth Vader kicks.

Kei Komuro Darth Vader
Kei Komuro walking in New York
Kei Komuro Darth Vader Vans
Kei Komuro Darth Vader Vans
Kei Komuro's Shoes
Kei Komuro’s Shoes

These are not cheap shoes. Someone that had $40,000 in debt shouldn’t have these.

What are the similarities of Darth Vader and Kei Komuro

Anakin did not have a father figure. His mother has raised him

Anakin did not have a father
Anakin did not have a father
Komuro Kei Raised by Single Mother
Komuro Kei Raised by Single Mother

Kei Komuro was also raised by his single mother. Father passed due to suicide

Kei is a commoner just like Anakin
Mako is royal status just like Padme

Anakin and Padme
Anakin and Padme
kei and mako engagement
Kei is a commoner and Mako is a princess

How does the story end?

Has Kei Komuro forgotten how Anakin’s story ends sadly or that’s exactly what he plans to do with Mako Komuro?


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