Kei Komuro is fluent, but not proficient in Japanese

Kei Komuro is now the new husband of the Japanese princess, Mako Akishino. Kei Komuro claims to be working as a law clerk and proudly strolls the streets of New York. Japanese netizens have noticed his profile differs from other colleagues.

Difference between Kei Komuro and other Law Clerks

Kei Komuro is still not given a profile photo

Despite working at Lowenstein Sandler for months, his profile photo was removed. There are only 2 law clerks without a profile photo at Lowenstein Sandler.

Kei Komuro

Here’s what a regular employee profile is supposed to look like

Why has Kei Komuro not been given a company photo? Searching his name gives over 2,430,000 in search results with his images so privacy can’t be a reason.

Kei Komuro is FLUENT in Japanese?

Kei is fluent in Japanese

Kei Komuro is FLUENT in Japanese, Other lawyers are PROFICIENT

Lowenstein Sandler writes “Kei is fluent in Japanese” while other law clerks such as Minh Tran as “He is proficient in Vietnamese”

Kei is fluent in Japanese, not proficient
Kei is fluent in Japanese, not proficient

What is the difference between “Fluent” and “Proficient”?

Simply put, proficiency is a higher level than fluent.

The word, proficient, means a well advanced skill level. In terms of language, A native speaker is more than fluent – he correctly and easily uses his first language, in a proper sense as well as understands and can use colloquialisms, idioms and slang.

Difference between Fluent and Proficient

Why is Kei Komuro fluent and not proficient? Didn’t Kei Komuro practice at a law firm in Japan?

According to Lowenstein Sandler, Kei Komuro has experience working in Tokyo at both a law firm and a foreign exchange bank where, as a certified securities broker representative, he provided loan and foreign exchange services and prepared financial analyses for non-Japanese corporate clients.

Shouldn’t this be enough for Kei Komuro to be proficient in Japanese?


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