Kei Komuro fails The New York State Board Law Exam AGAIN

Kei Komuro, the husband of Mako Komuro has failed The New York State Board of Law Exam AGAIN. Kei Komuro has been under scrutiny from the Japanese society because he seemed to be a party goer that flirted and duped Mako from the royal family into marrying him. On the surface, it seemed like Kei was working hard to match Mako’s status, but time proved that he just couldn’t meet the bar.

Kei Komuro fails NY Bar Exam the first time

In July, Kei Komuro has taken the bar exam. Before the results could be announced, he quickly came to Japan to marry Mako. This is because everyone would have even more reason to disagree with the marriage. Kei and Mako said they would take questions, but did so on paper only. Kei married and ran away back to the US before anyone could ask about failing the NY state bar exam.

Kei and Mako in New York
Kei and Mako coming to New York

Kei Komuro hides in New York’s $6000/month apartment for months

The public assumed Kei Komuro was busy studying for the bar exam. Both were rarely seen in public.

Kei Komuro gains weight from studying?

Kei Komuro gains weight
Kei Komuro gains weight

April 2022 – Kei Komuro fails the NY Bar Exam for the 2nd and final time

The results are in! Kei Komuro’s name is not on the NY State Bar Exam. He failed once again. New York will only allow people to take the exam twice.


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  1. More than 6000 people signed a petion to ask Character & Fitness to investigate Komuro.

    Time is running out till suspicious man is allowed into ABA.
    Why don’t you protect the integrity of your judicial system?

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