Kei Komuro did not graduate from Fordham University

If you haven’t heard, Kei Komuro is now the controversial husband of Mako Akishino. Mako is part of the Japanese royal family. Kei has been under the spotlight because he seems to have a not so clean background. Mainly, Kei’s mother has been accused of swindling men for money. There are several mysteries surrounding Kei Komuro. The Japanese royal family seems to have worked hard to fix the image of the commoner, but some things are just not adding up. Kei’s name disappearing from the Fordham University’s list of graduates being one of them.

Kei Komuro’s disappeared from Fordham University’s graduates list

When we visited Fordham University’s class of 2021 graduates list, Kei Komuro is no where to be found. Didn’t he attend and graduate from Fordham in 2021?!

Kei Komuro did not graduate Fordham University
Kei Komuro missing from graduates’ list

Update : There were some speculations whether this site is real because the URL misspells the university’s name as “Fardham.” Upon checking, this URL is directly linked from the Fordham’s website which makes it official.

URL Confirmed
URL Confirmed

Lowenstein Sandler Law Firm still shows that Kei Komuro graduated in 2021

Lowenstein Sandler Kei Komuro
Kei Komuro’s profile on Lowenstein Sandler’s page
Kei Komuro graduated Fordham University School of Law J.D. 2021
Fordham University School of Law J.D. 2021

Mako’s husband, Kei Komuro went to the US for 3 years to get a degree, pass the bar exam, and get a job. He returned in October 2021 to marry Princess Mako. A week later, it was revealed that he did not pass the bar exam and his name vanished from the Fordham University graduates list.

Kei Komuro did not pass the bar exam

A whopping 92% of students from Fordham University pass the bar exam. Media says that he will retake the exam next year.

Kei Komuro Fails Bar Exam
Japanese Newspaper stating Mako’s husband failed bar exam

The New York State Board of Law Examiners List

Just for the record, Kei Komuro is missing from the New York State Board of Law Examiner’s list which means he did not pass the bar exam. Did Kei Komuro know about this and thus the reason why the marriage was all in a sudden?

Kei Komuro Bar Exam
Kei Komuro missing from the Bar Exam Pass List

Some Japanese media outlets have stated this is not the final list?

Why does it matter who or what Kei Komuro is?

The story about Kei Komuro only enrages people that pay tax in Japan or cares about the tradition of a Royal Family. The royal family lives off of tax dollars. Regardless of what the couple says, princess Mako’s savings, housing, security is all provided by the Japanese tax dollars. As we speak, they are “temporarily” living in an apartment in Tokyo that costs $10,000/month. Kei Komuro had security with him at all times during his stay in New York. Kei Komuro says he doesn’t use anything from the Royal Family as he is surrounded by security provided by the Royal Family / tax dollars.


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  1. Other than the problem mentioned in the above article, and his mother’s money scandal, there are several problems concerning himself. He bullied at least 2 class mates, and one of them had to quit the school. Such a man got married with our princess — This is the most unacceptable matter for us who have kept respecting our Imperial Household. This is a moral hazard.
    Before leaving Japan, Komuro Kei & Princess Mako had a press conference, but they only repeated there’s no problem, they were right, they were victims, they haven’t exercised Imperial privilege. However they neither explain any reason nor show any evidence. In foreign countries, people consider that the Princess threw away money and chose to live with her loved one, but it’s not true, huge amount money is supplied to the couple underground. Now many Japanese people began to feel that they can’t trust Imperial System as they did before.

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