Did Kei Komuro win the “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award”?

If you haven’t heard, Kei Komuro is now the controversial husband of Mako Akishino. Mako is part of the Japanese royal family. Kei has been under the spotlight because he seems to have a not so clean background. Mainly, Kei’s mother has been accused of swindling men for money. Therefore, some people believe Kei is doing the same with Mako Komuro to make use of the Japanese tax payer’s money.

Now that’s out of the way.

There are several mysteries surrounding Kei Komuro. The Japanese royal family seems to have worked hard to fix the image of the commoner, but some things are just not adding up. Kei has a nice profile page setup for him on the Lowenstein Sandler’s team list. He’s listed along with his list of education and awards, but recently his “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award” disappeared from the company profile.

Kei Komuro did not win the “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award”?

We found that Lowenstein Sandler has mentioned that Kei Komuro has won the “JFK’s Profile in Courage Award” which is a prestigious award given to the likes of Barrack Obama. After the media frenzy, this was changed to “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award.” Sifting through Fordham University’s website, we cannot confirm this award exists. We sent a message to Fordham University to no reply.

Kei Komuro’s “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award” disappears

Just a month ago in October 2021 (before his marriage), Lowenstein Sandler displayed that Kei Komuro has the “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award” as seen in the following screenshot

Kei Komuro's Work Profile
Kei Komuro’s work profile before marriage

Proof can be seen on webarchive

This is his company profile now (after marriage)

Kei Komuro's current linkedin
Kei Komuro’s current profile

Someone took their time to go into Lowenstein Sandler’s profile page to delete an entry of achievements.

What happened? Was the award a lie?

Does the “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award” exist?

Fordham University’s website does not list “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award” under 2021 Diploma Ceremony Prizes and Awards. This award does not seem to exist.

Fordham University 2021 Prizes and Awards
Fordham University 2021 Prizes and Awards

Lowenstein Sandler’s website noted that Kei Komuro has won the “JFK Profile in Courage Award”

“JFK Profile in Courage Award” is an prestigious award given to the likes of Barrack Obama. This had shocked the Japanese media but upon little investigation, found this to be false. The Lowenstein Sandler’s website quickly fixed this error

Kei Komuro's profile changed "JFK Profile in Courage Award"
The change made from 9/24/21 to 9/28/21

Did he mean “JFK Profile in Courage Award”?

A “JFK Profile in Courage Award” does exist, but Kei Komuro is not mentioned in the past winners either.

JFK Profile in Courage Past Winners
JFK Profile in Courage Past Winners

What is the “JFK Profile in Courage Award”?

The JFK Profile in Courage Award honors a person who has demonstrated outstanding political leadership in honor of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy’s book The Courageous People. Elected mainly from politicians and civil servants, former US President Barack Obama and former UN Secretary-General Annan are among the award winners. Obviously, Mr. Komuro, who was just one student, should not have won the award, and Mr. Komuro’s name is not found in the list of winners.

So is Kei Komuro equivalent to Barrack Obama?

What does Kei Komuro say about his “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award”?

Kei Komuro’s agent, Naofumi Ueshiba states the following regarding the Fordham’s JFK award

As for the profile, the awards are listed with the name of Fordham University in the same way as the usual method in the United States, and the idea is that it will be easy to convey that it is an internal award of the university. It is written. It seems that it was a very common notation in the United States, but it seems that there were many inquiries from the Japanese mass media, and it was corrected so that it could be understood by adding an explanation that there is a mass media who misunderstands. That is the background. Unless otherwise inquired, it would have been left as it was.

This “JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award” is an award originally issued by the Legal Clinic of Fordham University. At law school, there are many educational programs for the purpose of training legal profession, but the legal clinic is a program that develops practical skills through practical experience under the guidance of an instructor. .. It seems that it will be given to the one who stands out most among the students of the program.

– Naofumi Ueshiba, agent of Kei Komuro

Why does it matter who or what Kei Komuro is?

The story about Kei Komuro only enrages people that pay tax in Japan or cares about the tradition of a Royal Family. The royal family lives off of tax dollars. Regardless of what the couple says, princess Mako’s savings, housing, security is all provided by the Japanese tax dollars. As we speak, they are “temporarily” living in an apartment in Tokyo that costs $10,000/month. Kei Komuro had security with him at all times during his stay in New York. Kei Komuro says he doesn’t use anything from the Royal Family as he is surrounded by security provided by the Royal Family / tax dollars.


4 Replies to “Did Kei Komuro win the “Fordham’s JFK Profile in Courage and Sweat Equity Award”?”

  1. It’s very well summarized.
    I appreciate your posting.
    However there’s much more to add and dig into.

    Too many lies, tricks, cheating, frauds and stealing Japanese taxes.
    The JPN government and the Imperial Household Agency are all in it together with the TV “old media”broadcasting the same fake news to butter up the authorities and clean up the image of the pimp Kei Komuro.

    Eventually Mako is not the victim of this gold digger pimp. She’s using him as well to grab both freedom and privileges and tax payers money.
    They’re both thefts.

    Kei’s mom or even Kei is suspicious killing his dad and grandparents for insurance money. Kei’s mom Kayo is a yacht girl just like Meghan.

    One of the guy who she had an affair also died and his wife too.
    Kei’s dad was an conventional employee working at the Yokohama city office but has been told suicide “burning himself” at the beach late past midnight.

    Isn’t it too odd to have 5 people suicide or mysteriously dead within few years around you?
    Can it be just a coincidence?

    Kayo has been indicted by a journalist “Shinohara Joichiro” YouTuber as well for several pension frauds over 200k USD but it was turned down by the prosecutor and police aren’t doing anything.

    So JAPAN is OFFICIALLY CORRUPTED more than China.

    Kayo comes from Korea and her brother is a real actual gangster based in Yokohama named “Kakuta” or either
    recognized “Sumida”.

    Please follow Twitter as we are fighting the CORRUPTION and want Akishinomiya ripped titles n privileges so we can stop the “tax laundering” flowing into Mako & Kei’s pocket.

    Mako ain’t no innocent Disney Cinderella nor “Romantic Princess who gave up title for true love”.
    It’s hilarious.

    The title is always forfeited when marrying a commoner. No choice.

    See you again.

    [email protected]

  2. With regard to misconducts of Mr. Komuro and his relatives, here is a news about plagiarism by Prince Hisahito, a brother in law.

    The link below are the articles about plagiarism scandal of Prince Hisahito.





    The City of Kitakyushu clearly stated that they would neither revoke the award nor seek refund for the ¥50000 (US$500)gift card, though they had indicated the rules of citations and references on the leaflet. Besides, Prince Hisahito does not intend to give up the award to the city.

    However, Dr. Nagata, the President of The University of Tsukuba welcomes Prince Hisahito to Tsukuba High School. Dr. Nagata ignores the attitude of Prince towards plagiarism who did not take the official admission test but took advantage of the very special admission scheme exclusively prepared for the prince.

    In the past, awards were canceled and travel expenses for the ceremony was sought against students who were in the same age by the local governments upon the discovery of plagiarism. Taxpayers are angry about the attitudes of Hisahito and the City that would not try to collect the amount of money that Hisahioto had inappropriately received.

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