Taira Kutsumi caught on film groping a girl on Yamanote Line in Tokyo

A video of a man named Taira Kutsumi 久津見平 was released molesting a women on the Yamanote Line. Taira Kutsumi is a father of 3. The released video looks like it’s from pre-covid, but he had to be at least married with a child or two at the time.

taira kutsumi
taira kutsumi groping a women on Yamanote Line
The twitter that revealed and confirmed

Following this viral Twitter post, Taira Kutsumi immediately quits from his “Japanese in Myanmar” social group (not confirmed, someone posted this screenshot on Twitter)

This is supposedly an email from Taira Kutsumi to the Yangon Nihonjin Kai Group ヤンゴン日本人会 organizer that he will be quitting.

Email reads

I, Sumitomo worker Taira Kutsumi groped a women’s breast on the Yamanote Line
This video is going viral on Twitter
I will be stepping down from the Japanese People Gathering

The wording seems too strange that we suspect this to be fake.

Why is groping common on Japanese trains?

Groping and sexual harassment on Japanese trains is unfortunately an issue that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. While the majority of Japanese train commuters are respectful and courteous, there are unfortunately some people who do not follow the rules of proper conduct.

What will happen to Taira Kutsumi?

According to the Twitter investigators, Taira Kutsumi and his family are currently in Myanmar for work. Taira Kutsumi currently is employed with Sumitomo Corporation and it’s most likely for their work.

Taira Kutsumi Facebook
久津見平’s Facebook Page before deletion

What will happen to Taira Kutsumi for getting caught molesting in Japan?

If you are caught molesting someone in Japan, the consequences can be severe. Depending on the circumstances, you could face criminal charges, including imprisonment, fines, and probation. Furthermore, if the victim has sustained physical or psychological injuries, you may also be required to pay damages.

What does Sumitomo Corporation do?

Sumitomo Corporation is a global business enterprise that operates in a wide range of industries, including metals, energy, chemicals, transportation, construction, finance, IT, and more. The company has operations in more than 80 countries and has a network of more than 900 offices and subsidiaries worldwide.

Are we sure it’s Taira Kutsumi that sexually harassed the girl on the train?

According the original Tweet, the poster stated that he/she got a message from one of Mr. Kutsumi’s friends confirming it was him. Taira Kutsumi has since deleted and removed his social media presence and could not be contacted for questioning.

taira kutsumi work history on LinkedIn
taira kutsumi work history

How Taira Kutsumi is portraying a perfect father in Myanmar

Spending time with his family and friends
Taira Kutsumi spending time with family and friends

Taira Kutsumi and his wife, Yuki Kutsumi both deleted all their social media existance (facebook/linkedin). Is this admitting guilt?

We believe in innocent until proven guilty, but the video is pretty damming to his case unless he has a twin brother. But, would an innocent person go into hiding when they are ousted?

Taira Kutsumi's Profile Photo
Taira Kutsumi’s Profile Photo
Taira Kutsumi's profile showing that it doesn't exist
Taira Kutsumi’s profile showing that it doesn’t exist


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