How to Ask for a Raise – 5 Tips

Remember, if you have been a positive, contributing force to the company and others in your position have received raises in similar circumstances, then you certainly have every right to ask for a raise.

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However, you will need to keep in mind that how to go about asking for a raise is pretty important. In some ways, it’s like the initial job interview that you will have to do a little preparation and present yourself as a good investment for the company.

What follows are five tips in how to ask for a raise. By following these tips, you will maximize your chances of getting the raise you want and put yourself on a track to towards more success.



This is the most important step in that you will need to do in getting a pay raise. Your research should include the following;

Expected pay for someone in your position and years of experience.

How frequently the company gives raises to their employees

Research the employee handbook to see how you can earn raises

Knowing what your position should be paid in your region certainly helps. However, keep in mind that if your company only gives raises annually and after an employee review, you are unlikely to get a raise at any other time.

Market Research



It’s far better to ask for a raise when your company is doing really well. If everything is going great, then by all means go ask for a raise. However, if the company has made cutbacks and things are not looking good, you may want to keep silent about asking for a raise right now. IPO Party


Stick to the Job

You may need a raise for a number of reasons, but the company is only going to care about what makes you a solid benefit to their business. So only focus on the attributes that you deliver to the company and convince them that you are a good investment worth keeping.

Showing Work


Make An Appointment

When you are have made the preparations, ask your supervisor for a meeting about the possibilities of you getting a raise. The last thing you want to do is surprise them in the hallway with a demand for a raise. Instead, ask for a time so that the supervisor can be prepared for what you have to say.

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Be Positive

This means your initial talk with the supervisor should not begin with, “I haven’t had a raise since….” That will not get you a raise. Instead, you should demonstrate your contributions, use company policies and show why you deserve a raise for your service.

Positive 1 on 1 Meeting


How to ask for a raise is really not difficult if you have contributed to the efforts of the company. Remember to be professional and line up the reasons why you have earned that raise so your employers will agree.

How to ask for a raise
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How to ask for a raise
Asking for a raise is never easy, but in order to advance your salary there are times where you may have to bite the bullet and ask your boss.