Wanting to… Visit the Tesla Factory

Like many other Silicon Valley residents, I live close by the Fremont Tesla factory.

However, I’m not welcomed for a Tesla factory tour because I’m not a Tesla owner nor employee 🙁

This is where everyone’s favorite Tesla Model S is built and I see it every time I drive on Highway 880.

Tesla Factory from 880


I was surprised to discover how large the Tesla factory was on Google Maps

Tesla Factory Aerial View


Digging in further, I found a schematic of the Tesla Factory

Tesla Factory Layout
Tesla Factory Layout


I tried to overlay it on Google Earth.

Tesla Factory Map


Drooling imaging what’s inside

Tesla Cargo Carriers


There they are. Each of them out to make someone incredibly happy
Surprised to see so many red colors since that’s the rarest color on the road.

Tesla Parking Lot


and the busy, but happy employee’s cars.
Great job on creating the safest & hottest car on the street today!

Tesla Employee Parking Lot
Tesla Employee Parking Lot


I assume they are happy because of this.
Someone that scored big on stock options may splurge on a Tesla Model S.
When you work at Tesla, I wonder what car they dream about.

Tesla Stock Price


I am not yet an owner nor an employee at Tesla so I can only watch factory videos.
I doubt they’ll let Model 3 owners take a factory tour either. That would be too many people.

Inside Tesla Factory


and fantasize of owning a Model S by going to the show room to sit in it and then open the frunk only to look at the empty space.

Tesla Show Room

Visiting the Tesla Factory
Article Name
Visiting the Tesla Factory
A virtual tour of the Tesla Factory.


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