5 Kinds of People on Craigslist


  1. Straight Forward Customers
    These customers are pleasant and the easiest to deal with.
    They show up on time and pay you the price listed.You can sense these types of customers from the prompt immediate response in their communications.
    They are to the point and will ask if the item is available and then when and where to meet.Thumbs up to these people, please send them a followup email to thank them.

    Deal with a straight forward customer
    Deal with a straight forward customer


  2. Hagglers
    These people don’t intend on buying most of the time.Most of them will just send you a ridiculous offer like 50% off asking price.
    They don’t care if you have FIRM PRICE! NO OFFERS! sign in your Craigslist post.Rule : DO NOT get on a phone call with them.  They will beg and waste your timeSome of them would mention that others are selling the item for cheaper.
    If it was lower elsewhere, they wouldn’t be asking you for yours right?

    The worst ones will go as far as meeting you and opening a new item before starting the haggle process.
    They would find ANY excuse to drive the price down.

    The very common excuse I’ve heard is That’s all I have

    Rule : DO NOT let the buyer open a new item before payment is made.

    Stay firm.

    At the time you meet, you may think you don’t want to waste anymore time meeting someone else, but they feel the same.

    Be kind and apologize for the firm price.

    I usually say something like If no one takes it in the next week, I’ll lower it to that price
    They usually know the price is good and take it.

    Haggling customer
    Haggling customer


  3. Elitist
    These customers are rude.
    I don’t know if it’s that they are embarrassed to buy on Craigslist and/or feel they are above the rest.
    They usually have a luxury brand car (BMW, Mercedes) and can be profiled immediately when they come out of the car.An usual Craigslister or human being meeting you for business for the first time would have a smile.
    These people usually stand tall with that unimpressed look and have a condescending tone.These people usually cannot be spotted by email or text.It’s not a problem since they won’t haggle, but they may sound like police officers interrogating you about the product for the time.

    Elitist on Craigslist
    Elitist talking in a condescending tone


  4. Paranoid
    These customers must watch too much bad news.Usually has friends that come with him/her and would need some convincing for them to know the item is not fake or not in the condition it’s stated.Anything I say at this point would not convince them.  Always ends with something like “ok, so I can contact you if I have problems”This is completely understandable.  Being cautious is good, but these people should do their own research.  If I was selling fake products, I obviously wouldn’t tell them how to identify a fake.

    Paranoid Customer
    Paranoid customer suspicious about everything


  5. Uncivilized
    These customers waste your time the most.They may tell you that they will show up at a certain time and just go off the grid.They think it’s normal to show up 1-2 hours late and have the audacity to ask where you are.Sometimes, they call you from their old bar phone and start off with something like “how do i get there?
    Sending an address would not help since they decide to leave their home without looking at directions.
    You have to ask who it is/where are they.. and walk them step by step.

    Sometime, their English is bad as their cell phone reception which leads you to repeat the same thing over and over.

    These are the customers that make it questionable if it’s worth the time.

    These people may follow up with a phone call to ask how to use the item which ruins your day and explains why Dell has to charge for customer service.

    Ghetto Customers
    Ghetto Customers
5 Kinds of People on Craigslist
Article Name
5 Kinds of People on Craigslist
You can sense the way a conversation is going from the initial emails and texts. Here are the 5 types of common customers on Craigslist


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