Rie Kurita the Googler that was laid off or was she fired for credit card fraud? 栗田理衣

A group of 6 guests dined at Cassava SF for a total bill of $425.41 on Saturday night at 7pm. Cassava received a call from a gentlemen who said his credit card was used but he did not dine there. The group’s reservation was under Rie Kurita 栗田理衣 from Google. Investigation has led to finding Rie Kurita at Google stole the credit card from a fellow co-worker. Rie Kurita was fired from Google, but has posted on LinkedIn that she was unfortunately part of the mass layoff.

Someone calling Rie Kurita out on LinkedIn's post about her layoff
Someone calling Rie Kurita out on LinkedIn’s post about her layoff
Surveillance photo provided by Cassava SF. Group of 6 that used a stolen credit card to dine

Who is Rie Kurita?

On the surface, Rie Kurita seems like a talented young lady according to a public post she reposted. Moved and adjusted to the US during high school and graduated from Carlton college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. Onto working for Google in the Bay Area.

Rie Kurita's Repost
Rie Kurita’s Proud Repost

Hiding the Firing Under The Google Layoff?

Rie Kurita (#GHC2022 SWE at Google) has posted the following on LinkedIn publicly

I was laid off by Google today. It was an amazing and meaningful experience to develop my skills as a software engineer and also as a community manager. I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell proper farewell to those who supported me, helped me grow but I cannot thank enough to my manager, teammates, everyone who I was involved with.

I was feeling embarrassed about this and took long to make it a public announcement here but now I feel ready to move on.

I’ll be taking some time off until I find out what could be next for me.
#opentowork #techlayoffs #layoff2022

– Rie Kurita (#GHC2022 SWE at Google) via LinkedIn
Post by Rie Kurita on LinkedIn
Post by publicly by Rie Kurita on LinkedIn

Rie Kurita was not laid off from Google, she was fired according to James Lee an HR Experienced Practitioner

James Lee (HR experienced practitioner) commented

You were not laid off you were dismissed for literal fraud
Instead of being repentant, here you are instead….lying and cheating even more

– James Lee (HR experienced practitioner)
James Lee calling her out on LinkedIn
James Lee calling her out on LinkedIn

What did Rie Kurita allegedly do at Cassava SF Restaurant?

CassavaSF stated the following

We asked the cardholder maybe she took the card by mistake and accident, and he said he didn’t know because there were charges from 3 other places already

We contacted Rie at their phone number on @opentable profile but no answer and our text message was unread

The original cardholder let us know that they had confronted Rie via work DM and Rie claimed that she was never here.

After learning that we provided this footage and now their mutual employer (Google) is investigating

I’m (Yuka) making this very public post to give a chance for Rie Kurita to come tell us what happened. Was her Opentable profile hacked? Who are the other dining guests?

As a Japanese woman small business owner if another JPW identity stolen to commit fraud it infuriates me.

If in fact it’s Rie Kurita person that committed the fraud, I am beyond disappointed that another Japanese woman thought it was okay to hurt a small business owned by another JPW.

California protects cardholders 100% as it should, meaning we are out for this amount.

CassavaSF Investigating Rie Kurita
CassavaSF Investigating Rie Kurita

Was this just a one time mistake by Rie Kurita, the Ex-Googler?

CassavaSF investigated further and have learned that Rie did this to multiple people at work. CassavaSF was able to get her to pay but they can only imagine how many small businesses Rie hurt by doing this same fraud.

Rie Kurita is a kleptomaniac?
Rie Kurita is a kleptomaniac?

Are we sure it’s Rie Kurita?

Cassava SF has done their investigation and the footage outside the restaurant is damning. The face in the surveillance footage does seem to match up with Rie Kurita’s Facebook profile.

Rie Kurita allegedly admitted to the credit card fraud victim

According to CassavaSF, Rie has stated that she took the card from the victim’s bag in the rest area. According to this tweet, Rie has paid the restaurant back and asked that the tweets be deleted which the owner refused to do so.

Our victim received an email from the culprit saying, “I stole your card from your bag in the break room on a whim.” The culprit paid my house, but after that I was asked to delete the tweet many times, but I didn’t delete it because there would be an investigation and the lie was terrible.

– CassavaSF

Rie has a habit for not paying

According to CassavaSF (Yuka), Rie Kurita is known by the Nikkei community for NOT paying for her share when dining with others.

Rie Kurita doesn't pay
Rie Kurita doesn’t pay

Is Rie Kurita a kleptomaniac?

A kleptomaniac is a person with the recurrent urge to steal, despite having no financial need or economic motivation to do so. This is considered a mental health disorder and often requires psychiatric treatment. On the surface, Rie Kurita definitely fits this characteristic. Rie stated she was laid off instead of being fired 6 months ago.

Can Kleptomaniacs control themselves?

Yes, kleptomania can be treated and individuals with the disorder can recover with the help of mental health professionals and appropriate treatment. This can include a combination of psychotherapy, medication, and behavioral therapy, which can help the individual gain better control over their urges to steal and improve their overall quality of life. However, recovery can take time and requires effort and commitment from both the individual and their treatment team.

Getting properly diagnosed and going through therapy would be the cliché, Tiger Woods approach, but may be her only option.

Rie Kurita has changed her LinkedIn profile after being called out on LinkedIn

Rie Kurita has changed her name to “Rie K.” and now appropriately changed her title to X-Googler.

Link to Rie Kurita’s Public Profile

Rie Kurita has an impressive resume at Google

Someone that has achieved so much in just a year at Google right out of college seems to be very talented.

Rie Kurita’s story is getting traction in Japan

@takigare3 has over 1.4m followers and has covered this.

Japanese woman advances to prestigious American university with support from UNIQLO Chairman Yanai’s Foundation

Joined Google and became an elite engineer

A year later, a woman said, “I was laid off from Google due to declining business performance. What’s next? ♪ ”

HR “No, you quit Google not because you were laid off, but because you stole someone’s credit card” #栗田理衣

滝沢ガレソ Twitter

Rie Kurita seemed like a girl with a bright future during her college days from her Youtube videos

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