Vdara Las Vegas Hotel City Corner Suite Review

City Corner Suite
City Corner Suite

This is my review for the Vdara Las Vegas hotel.

and yes it’s pronounced Vdara.

If you were like me a few days ago, you might be considering Vdara because of the relatively lower prices for a 5-star hotel, but you’re worried if it’s a good place to stay.

I’ve lost a lot of money to Las Vegas in the last 15 years and let me tell you my thoughts.

Vdara is part of MLife Rewards program.  

Sign up online if you haven’t yet so you can get a discounted rate for your room and also earn points for staying there.

Vdara is connected to Aria and Bellagio which is in the center of the strip.  

Vdara doesn’t have a casino, but you can walk over to the Aria or Bellagio in less than 5 minutes.   


Since it doesn’t have a casino or a nightclub, it’s not that popular of a destination.

it makes it easy to get a taxi and there’s a clear sign for Lyft pickup.  

I prefer staying here over crowded casino resorts since it’s a nice quiet place to return after a long day.


First thing I noticed when I arrived to Vdara is that they don’t have self-parking.

They do offer free valet which means you need to tip them $2-$5 each time you drop off and pick up.

This is convenient, but I was left waiting for about 10 minutes on a busy night.

If you want to self park, you can self-park at Bellagio and walk over which is going to take about 10 minutes


Check-in was quick and very friendly.

This won’t always work and probably unethical, but I gave a $20 tip to the front desk and was upgraded from a Studio Suite to a City Corner Suite which is about 50% higher in price.

I just consider as my first $20 bet in Vegas.

Of course your chances of winning is slimmer on busy nights.


They will provide 2 free small bottles of water for every night.  

Water downstairs is going to cost you over $5. Even Starbucks Ethos water is $5.50.


They do have the bare essentials downstairs.  A cafe, a bar, a Starbucks.


OK!  Now onto the room.  The City Corner Suite!


When you enter, you have a dining room.

Then you go in to the living room which has a pull out bed.

Then you have the bedroom where you get a nice view because of the corner suite!

Then you have the bathroom.


Let’s get the boring living room out of the way first.

It has a sofa with a queen-size pullout bed.

The TV is about 46”

Comes with some modern looking lamps and two glass tables.


You won’t be spending much time in here, but there are sliding glass doors to the bedroom.


Now, the bedroom.  I loooved the view.  The windows that span across two walls made me feel like a king.  


While my laptop is showing, the internet is supposed to be for guests only, but anyone can use it.


and it’s fast enough for your facebook and youtube needs.


I actually flipped the chair to face the outside and just enjoyed the view like batman did in the dark knight.


The Shades and the Blackout shades come up and down with a switch.

The bed was very soft and above average.

There’s also another TV in the bedroom.


I was on the 23rd floor but I was able to hear road noise.


They become white noise when you’re sleeping, but definitely stay on a higher floor if you can.


The bathroom also shares the window so you can relax in their modern hot tub and enjoy the view.  

I’m not a tub type of person but I switched off the lights and was in the tub with a view every night I was there.


You get a big mirror with built in lights that make you look pretty.

You get one of those magnifying mirrors so you can see all your pores.


A walkin shower.  water was always hot and had plenty of pressure.  Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Body Lotion is provided.


The bathroom has doors, but the actual toilet doesn’t.  Every noise you make in the toilet will echo throughout the bathroom.


Other than that, you get your usual bath robe, slippers you can take home, and a small safe.


Ok, now the dining room!

This is the first hotel room I’ve had a washer and a dryer.  

Bosch brand too.  

This is great!  I can bring a pair of clothes and I can just wash them every night.  

The only problem is that there’s no detergent or softener.  

It looked like these were never used and I’m not surprised.


Now the cooktop.  Great!  

I can make eggs in the morning or warm up my left over.  

Where’s the cookware?  

You need to request it from the front desk.


There is a Bosch microwave, mini bar, a sink with garbage disposal, a Kitchenaid giant fridge, a dishwasher, but realistically, you’ll only be using the microwave.


There’re 2 utencils, 2 cups and no dishes so make sure you get what you need from the restaurants.


The pool was under renovation while I visited so I’d assume it’ll be nice by the time you watch this.


There’re some things that just don’t add up like

– Washing machine with no detergent

– Dishwasher with no soap

– Cooktop with cookware you have to request

– Seat and Bed for 4, but only 2 utencils and cups

– Giant fridge and a kitchen but tiny trashbins

– A toilet with no doors so all 4 people can hear you


Service was very friendly.  Valet, Front desk.


I clogged the bathroom and they came up with a plunger in 3 minutes.


Overall, I think Vdara is a great value and I’d recommend it.

If it’s significantly cheaper than Aria, I’d say go Vdara.