• Asian Bully Yelling in Bus

    American Asian Yelling at Bus Driver in Taiwan

    An American asian guy in Taoyuan, Taiwan has missed his bus stop because he did not press the button before the stop.  Jason, the aggressor unleashed his anger at the bus driver. His pregnant wife, Vivian stood besides him and supported him while he continued. Is this justified in any situation though? For those that can’t play this, there is a…

  • Orenchi Ramen Egg

    How to make Orenchi Ramen Soft Boiled Eggs Recipe

    If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, chances are you’ve heard of or have been to Orenchi Ramen. People continue to say how great their one soft boiled egg inside the ramen is. This recipe will teach you how to make the marinated soft boiled egg at home.   What you need 1. Egg 2. Water 3. Pot 4. Clock…

  • Finance Dog

    Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

    There are smartest dog breeds in the world that excel in the focus areas that they were trained in. Some dog breeds are not easy to be trained while can be trained to be intelligent breeds ever in the world. You will also be delighted by owning such dogs. Basically, it depends on how a particular dog was bred and…

  • FYI

    Fast Food Facts You Won’t Believe

    7 facts you probably did not know about Fast Food! McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets come in 4 different shapes The Ball The Bow-Tie The Boot The Bell   A traditional Christmas dinner in Japan is KFC They must place orders 2 months in advance   The largest fast food chain in the world is SUBWAY Subway is one of the fastest…

  • Tesla Fan Boys

    Wanting to… Visit the Tesla Factory

    Like many other Silicon Valley residents, I live close by the Fremont Tesla factory. However, I’m not welcomed for a Tesla factory tour because I’m not a Tesla owner nor employee 🙁 This is where everyone’s favorite Tesla Model S is built and I see it every time I drive on Highway 880.   I was surprised to discover how…

  • How to cut a watermelon

    This is how you cut a Watermelon

    You won’t believe how fast these guys can cut a watermelon.  Here are 3 ways of cutting a watermelon efficiently! 30 Seconds – Using a Tool 30 Seconds – Like an apple 10 Seconds – Like a pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtnQjeEtUZk

  • Haggling customer

    5 Kinds of People on Craigslist

      Straight Forward Customers These customers are pleasant and the easiest to deal with. They show up on time and pay you the price listed.You can sense these types of customers from the prompt immediate response in their communications. They are to the point and will ask if the item is available and then when and where to meet.Thumbs up to…

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 5

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Coming July 2017

    Disney always releases sequels for movies that are successful until they are no longer successful. Captain Jack Sparrow is coming back for the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean series. It’ll be called Dead Men Tell No Tales The only for sure cast is 50+ year old Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The wait is all the way until…