• Thomas Jackson

    Police Smears Michael Brown as Strong Armed Robber

    On August 17th, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has released the name of the officer responsible for Michael Brown’s name but quickly followed it by smearing Michael Brown was a “Strong Armed Robber.” The statement from the Police Chief 11:51am – There was a 911 call about a strong armed robbery 11:52am – Robbery suspect description was given over radio 12:01pm –…

  • Taiwan Beach Artist

    You won’t believe what this artist does

    Onlookers at Tamsui 淡水, Taiwan were treated to a special performance by a street artist that lead to an unveiling of a brilliant piece of art. Tamsui is the last stop on the red line on the Taipei MRT. It has a pier with food, games and also street performers. It looks like he’s painting a bunch of nothing then, the…

  • Who shot Michael Brown

    Who Killed Michael Brown?

    Everyone wants to know who is responsible for Michael Brown’s wrongful execution which is causing protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri.  Ferguson, Missouri PD stated Darren Wilson, a 6-year veteran of the department is responsible for the shooting. As to justify the shooting, Ferguson, Missouri PD stated that Michael Brown, a 6’4″ 292 pound man was robbing a liquor store for cigars. Michael…

  • Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society
    FYI,  News

    Robin Williams Movies Streaming on Netflix

    Robin Williams passed away on Monday at age 63. Here are a few of his great movies to remember him from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and RedBox. Netflix Instant Jumanji Hook The Fisher King The Big Wedding The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Popeye The Birdcage World’s Greatest Dad Amazon Prime Instant Video The Big Wedding Popeye The Birdcage World’s Greated Dad…

  • Deandre Siggers

    The Story of Deandre Gary Siggers

    DeAndre Gary Siggers or D’Andre Siggas or dcigs was once  a famous Youtube celebrity for his “Angry Black Man’ series.  As the years went on, he lost his focus to making “Slogs” where he continued to complain about Youtube not paying him enough.   The Rise of dcigs As mentioned in his video, his fame came in 2009 after his grandma…

  • Corn in 3 Minutes

    Easiest Way To Make Corn on the Cob

    Easiest Method Cook Time is 3 Minutes This video shows you the easiest way to prepare corn on the cob.  All you need is a microwave and 3 minutes. Find a corn with a husk Put it in your microwave on high for 3 minutes Cut tip and slide out   Standard Method Cook Time is 5-7 Minutes This videos…

  • Jason Apologizing for Taiwan Bus

    WATCH: Jason Apologizes for Yelling at the Taiwan Bus Driver

    Jason is probably the most hated foreigner in Taiwan for yelling at a Taoyuan bus driver for missing his stop.  Jason is seen in a video telling the bus driver to “Say You’re Sorry.”  He is now publicly apologizing for the incident. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can do so here Jason has now agreed to drop the…

  • Ghetto Prank Gone Wrong

    Ghetto Pranks Gone Wrong

    People are now putting their life in danger to get a good reaction caught on camera to share online. This comes in the form of making a bad joke, farting on people, stealing their belongings or anything else to spite people. It’s sad to say that this type of content does get a lot of views which in turn encourages…

  • Pankaj Parakh wearing gold shirt

    This shirt is worth $213,000!

    Pankaj Parakh celebrated his 45th birthday on Friday, August 8th, 2014. He wore a custom-made shirt made out of pure gold for this occasion. The shirt is made out of 18-22 carat gold and weighs about 9 pounds. Pankaj Parakh is a school dropout who made his fortune from his garment business.    

  • Asian asking for a raise

    How to Ask for a Raise – 5 Tips

    Remember, if you have been a positive, contributing force to the company and others in your position have received raises in similar circumstances, then you certainly have every right to ask for a raise. However, you will need to keep in mind that how to go about asking for a raise is pretty important. In some ways, it’s like the…