• Hillary Clinton MSQRD

    MSQRD Presidential Debate Compilation Face Swap

    https://youtu.be/ZUEylXpTLR8 Democratic and Republican Primaries debates were getting repetitive so I used MSQRD Masquerade face swapping app to have fun. Compilation starring Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio as Leonardo Dicaprio and Harry Potter. Used their best moments, best quotes, and fight moments and turned out funny. Who do you think will be president?  …

  • 2016 Oscars Academy Awards Winners

    88th Academy Awards Winners

    These are the most likely outcome. Best Picture – The Revenant Best Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio (100%) Best Actress – Brie Larson (100%) Adapted Screenplay – Big Short Animated Feature – Inside Out (100%) Cinematography – Revenant Costume Design – Mad Max Fury Road (??) Best Director – Alejandro Gonzalez Inari Sushi Documentary – Amy Foreign Language – Son of…

  • City Corner Suite
    Las Vegas

    Vdara Las Vegas Hotel City Corner Suite Review

    This is my review for the Vdara Las Vegas hotel. and yes it’s pronounced Vdara. If you were like me a few days ago, you might be considering Vdara because of the relatively lower prices for a 5-star hotel, but you’re worried if it’s a good place to stay. I’ve lost a lot of money to Las Vegas in the…

  • Flint Mobile Bankrupt

    Flint Mobile Payments goes Bankrupt

    Flint, the Redwood City company that allowed everyone to accept credit card payments with your iPhone / iPad just announced that they are closing their business. Seems like the bubble in the silicon valley is finally deflating. In a letter to their users they wrote Flint will be sunsetting its service Unfortunately, we are winding down Flint’s operations. As part…

  • Tesla Model X

    Tesla Model X MSRP Released

    Tesla Model X MSRP is $79,900. Tesla internal memo stated the Model X “will have a base starting price around $74,900.” At a base price of $74,900, that would make the Model X toward the luxury end of the SUV market. Tesla intends on announcing this luxury SUV as an under $70k after government assistance. Tesla Model X 70kWh – $79,900 Tesla…

  • Funny

    Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Shark Just Doesn’t Care

    Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show had a routine with her song “Teenage Dream” where two sharks danced besides her. Looks like the primary dancer called in sick and someone that doesn’t care about dancing came in. Watch the shark to the left compared to the one on the right.

  • Desmond Hague Abusing Dog

    Look at what Centerplate’s CEO did!

    This is a very difficult to watch. It’s the CEO of Centerplate, Desmond Hague kicking a dog in an elevator. The company’s PR firm has released a statement that Desmond would be attending counseling for his anger management and he will also donate $100,000 to the Humane Society and other similar organizations. Desmond Hague is still Centerplate’s CEO Please boycott their…

  • Grace Choi Mink

    What happened to Grace Choi of Mink?

    Remember Grace Choi from TechCrunch Disrupt making our jaws drop by demoing  a 3D Printer that can print makeup?  This idea of anyone being able to print any color makeup with a $300 printer would revolutionize the makeup industry.  We hope she is making great progress on her work, but she has been MIA. Her website gracemink.com‘s twitter / facebook / linkedin links do…