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iPhone XS Beauty Gate – Automatic Selfie Camera Filter

Owners of the new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max has been reporting that their selfies have been looking great by praising the new camera.

But wait, wasn’t the camera supposed to be similar if not the same as the iPhone X?

People have been noticing what looks like a “Beauty filter” automatically applied by the iPhone XS.  There is no option to take this off.

A popular Youtube channel, Unbox Therapy has tried several options and found “Smart HDR” which may have been the option, but it was not.

Strangely, the iPhone camera would make the photo rosy when it detects a face demonstrated here

This “feature” would definitely make professional photographers upset when they are trying to get specific lighting, but would make your typical iPhone user happy when they snap a selfie

When a potential buyer compares iPhone XS photos to anything else, which do you think they would choose?  When they are looking for better pictures, what are they looking for?  Probably not the correct lighting, but if the photo makes themselves look good.

Is this a dirty move by Apple to beat the competitors?

What do you think?  Is it a bad apple that they are doing this?

iPhone XS Beauty Gate
Article Name
iPhone XS Beauty Gate
New Apple iPhone XS and XS Max have automatically been applying a beauty filter to selfie pictures to improve their camera photography to beat the competition



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