• iPhone X Photo Compared to iPhone XS
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    iPhone XS Beauty Gate – Automatic Selfie Camera Filter

    Owners of the new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max has been reporting that their selfies have been looking great by praising the new camera. But wait, wasn’t the camera supposed to be similar if not the same as the iPhone X? People have been noticing what looks like a “Beauty filter” automatically applied by the iPhone XS.  There is…

  • Zelle Scam
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    Zelle Scammers Selling Tickets

    Yes, you heard it right. Remember the scammers using phony checks, Paypal, Venmo, Square Cash, peppered bills?  Well, now the scammers are using Zelle.  Zelle is usually attached to bank accounts so buyers feel a little safer, but it’s the same scam. Craigslist and 3rd party ticket selling sites is a great place to buy tickets for cheap at a…

  • br0seidon

    Evan Klinger – Apple Employee Behind Racist Outburst

    Evan Klinger was celebrating his July 4th weekend a little too soon as he honked at a asian cyclist, Paula Nuguid and her daughter on S Frances St. in Sunnyvale. Paula Nuguid did not take Evan Klinger’s impatience and started to record the incident immediately. According to Paula Nuguid, she and her daughter were confronted by a man in a…

  • 2016 Oscars Academy Awards Winners

    88th Academy Awards Winners

    These are the most likely outcome. Best Picture – The Revenant Best Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio (100%) Best Actress – Brie Larson (100%) Adapted Screenplay – Big Short Animated Feature – Inside Out (100%) Cinematography – Revenant Costume Design – Mad Max Fury Road (??) Best Director – Alejandro Gonzalez Inari Sushi Documentary – Amy Foreign Language – Son of…

  • Flint Mobile Bankrupt

    Flint Mobile Payments goes Bankrupt

    Flint, the Redwood City company that allowed everyone to accept credit card payments with your iPhone / iPad just announced that they are closing their business. Seems like the bubble in the silicon valley is finally deflating. In a letter to their users they wrote Flint will be sunsetting its service Unfortunately, we are winding down Flint’s operations. As part…

  • Desmond Hague Abusing Dog

    Look at what Centerplate’s CEO did!

    This is a very difficult to watch. It’s the CEO of Centerplate, Desmond Hague kicking a dog in an elevator. The company’s PR firm has released a statement that Desmond would be attending counseling for his anger management and he will also donate $100,000 to the Humane Society and other similar organizations. Desmond Hague is still Centerplate’s CEO Please boycott their…

  • Thomas Jackson

    Police Smears Michael Brown as Strong Armed Robber

    On August 17th, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has released the name of the officer responsible for Michael Brown’s name but quickly followed it by smearing Michael Brown was a “Strong Armed Robber.” The statement from the Police Chief 11:51am – There was a 911 call about a strong armed robbery 11:52am – Robbery suspect description was given over radio 12:01pm –…

  • Who shot Michael Brown

    Who Killed Michael Brown?

    Everyone wants to know who is responsible for Michael Brown’s wrongful execution which is causing protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri.  Ferguson, Missouri PD stated Darren Wilson, a 6-year veteran of the department is responsible for the shooting. As to justify the shooting, Ferguson, Missouri PD stated that Michael Brown, a 6’4″ 292 pound man was robbing a liquor store for cigars. Michael…