• Barbosa Lake Location

    Barbosa Lake – South Bay’s Hidden Gem

    In the movie “Searching”, Margot Kim is last known to be at Barbosa Lake where she liked to visit to get away.  So you live in the Bay Area and want to Barbosa Lake to do some Barbosa Chillin? Does Barbosa Lake really exist? No, Barbosa Lake is a made up location by writer and director, Aneesh Chaganty.  Barbosa Lake…

  • Annie Leigh / Toni Collette

    Hereditary Movie Explained

    Hereditary was a dark film that wasn’t the most terrifying but definitely left a scar with some horrific imagery executed right.  We’ll go over the story because there were definitely scenes that were too fast to read. The Hereditary Story in a Nutshell There’s a cult where as long as King Paimon has a male host to summon into, King…